Interior Inspiration: Surface Detail

In our latest interior inspiration, we’re captivated by surface details. Solid shapes with tantalising textures are the key to their success, like concrete foundations! Rough durable edges help to create an atmosphere filled with depth and longevity that’s set to pave its way into interior design.

Surfaces with detail can tell a story, they look experienced and that gives them an unrivalled character. Quite often this can be the preferred and sought after look compared to that perfect machined finish, the slight variations you get between products that have a distinctive finish are what makes them unique. Concrete may have humble beginnings, designed more with strength and durability than with aesthetics in mind, it has been used in various forms since its conception in the Roman era. Over time, this material has evolved and was used to build architectural triumphs. Later concrete was used in modernistic architecture styles too. The raw practicality of concrete was celebrated even in it’s most basic form, in fact a whole architectural movement was born, brutalism! Think tower blocks, municipal buildings, shopping centres even car parks, not everyone’s ideal architectural style however as a nation we are appreciating this style once more. Many buildings are now celebrated such as The Barbican, London there’s lots to love in the honesty of such basic materials. Concrete! Solid, modern, charm that stands the test of time. This has sown the seed in our minds of the beauty of this material, with its unique characteristics set to become the star of the show within the latest on trend interiors.

One of the magic qualities of lighting, is the ability to weave an atmospheric play of light and shadows, creating an unparalleled ambience. The effect is mesmerising, with the illumination further enhancing the effect of the textures by creating silhouette patterns which delight the eye. Texture is often referred to as tactile, offering a welcoming effect which adds a pivotal depth to interiors. Textured materials know no bounds, they can sit at home within any design or trend of light and can often provide a contemporary edge in a more traditionally designed room.

To be up with the latest designs and of the moment styling look out for modern mid-century shaped table lamps and pendant lights in self coloured patterns and surface texture. Materials ceramic, plaster or bone china with surface details which bring an element of playfulness geometric shapes, peaks, pleats and dimples.

Many designers are going all out with bare plastered distressed walls, if that’s your bag then avoid it looking half done by teaming these tactile textures together with polished or hammered metal finishes. This offers a contrast that is sure to keep the focal interest, the smooth polish surfaces will help to highlight the beautiful contrast within a roughly texture room all the more.

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