Star Wars Day – May the 4th be with you!


May 4th is often known as Star Wars day, if you hadn’t already caught on as to why it’s due to the play on words between “May the fourth (be with you)” and the famous Star Wars line that is “May the force be with you”. The way of the Jedi is an ancient art and many of us may be too old to begin the training, however – fear not, our brand new range of LED smart lighting will give you unlimited power!

Ever wondered how to control lighting with your voice? Or how to control lighting via your phone or a remote? Well in this blog in celebration of Star Wars day we’re going to teach you the ways of the force allowing you to do just that! So clear your mind and let’s begin…

Our ranges of smart lighting offer different functionality so first it’s important to ask what you want from your LED smart lighting. If you simply wish to control your lighting from a dedicated remote control then the iDual range is for you, this is smart lighting in its most accessible form and is perfect for Padawans (beginners). These still have a huge amount of benefits and gives you a wide range of control. Control, you must learn control.


The iDual range is of course LED lit so still offers all the benefits of an LED lamp including low energy consumption and extremely long life. Being smart LED means it’s got many abilities some may consider to be unnatural. With remote control operation it’s able to be switched on or off remotely, dimmed, colour changed and put into many varying presets from a delicate fireplace flicker to a colour strobing party mode.


Available in multiple caps accommodating iDual into your home is simple. Pop your bulb into your existing fitting, switch on the light and use the remote control to operate it. Light side or Dark side, the alignment is entirely in your hands!



Our WiZ lighting range is the more advanced range of LED smart lighting and is more powerful than you could ever dream of. Connecting directly to your home Wi-Fi the WiZ lights are able to be controlled in a variety of ways. Via your standard home switches, the WiZ Mote controller, the WiZ App and by integration with other devices – voice! It doesn’t require any additional hubs, bridges or gateways like many other smart lighting ranges. It is a simple case of plug in, pair and play. Impressive, most impressive.

Downloading the WiZ App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store gives you complete control of your lighting from your smart phone. Able to operate the lights, control the brightness and the colour as well as being able to create rooms/groups and utilise scheduling for automated lighting – perhaps schedule a gradual sunrise effect for your bedroom lighting in the morning for a gentle wake up? The WiZ Mote is an additional and optional item that aids ease of use for others in your home, this can be programmed by the App allowing you to choose four presets to assign to the remote for quick access. You can of course also use the remote to switch the lights on or off and change the brightness.


WiZ Lighting is constantly updating and next on the agenda is integration with Amazon Echo, also known as Alexa. Some of you may already know about Alexa but for those who don’t it’s a stand alone voice operated AI assistant for the home. This means you will be able to control your WiZ lights with your voice simply by asking Alexa to “turn on the lounge lamp” for example. Just don’t ask her to execute order 66 – for the record, she wont!

IFTTT is a separate App which is also set for integration with WiZ, briefly put IFTTT is a system which allows you to create formulas between different Apps using the statement “IF This, Then That”, so if one App does something, another App reacts to it. This is another step into a larger world! For more information on WiZ and IFTTT check out our other blog by clicking the image below:


It’s also worth checking out the videos below:



View the complete range of smart lighting here: LED Smart Lighting

We know what you’re thinking and you’re right, indeed they are powerful! Happy Star Wars day, May the fourth and the power of LED smart lighting be with you!

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