Light; an Architectural Art

At The Lighting Company, we know that our lights enliven your spaces. Creating an architectural explosion of lighting that generates interest from every angle to initiate a profound aesthetic impact on your home.

Promoting the idea of having to walk into a room to fully engage with the different, multiple aspects of light and space. Finding excitement in the discovery of the varying visuals displayed is a revelation and one to be shared. Our large statement ceiling lights establish indoor environments; art installations in their own right.

The relationships between space, light and geometry have long recorded positive  impacts upon mood and general well-being. Our modern world is awash with negativity and a constant jarring of the senses contributing to a feeling of being trapped and confined. At The Lighting Company, encourage you to step outside of the mundane ‘vanilla’ life of humdrum.

Be Brave… Be Bold… Be Inspired! Put down your Tech and LOOK UP!!

There is beauty everywhere. From modern architecture to the natural world.

Humans have always been fascinated by artwork and it gets raised to a whole new level when the phenomenon of light is introduced. Roman and Greek sculptures, Islamic architecture, right through to Salvador Dali and Louise Bourgeois are just a few examples of artists that rely upon negative spaces to form their pieces of work; these appear meaningless in the absence of light. The sculpture ‘LOVE’ by Alexander Milos is a perfect example of this. Using a wire frame to give an illusion of transparency the artwork appears differently depending upon the skyline behind. This is developed further when as night falls an inner section begins to shine as a symbol of purity.

The Lighting Book IZMIR hexagonal old gold ceiling pendant with opal glass globe inner shade

One Sculpture – Day/Night = Two Emotions

The Lighting Book IZMIR hexagonal old gold ceiling pendant with opal glass globe inner shade

In a similar way Antony Gormley’s ‘Chord’ sculpture, is a harmony of abstract proportions. Ambiguously appearing to delicately dangle in a free spirited, carefree way, while the supposedly haphazard frame compellingly reflects the patterns of artificial and natural light. Depending on the perspective the viewer is encouraged to ask themselves whether the artwork is ascending or descending whilst fully appreciating the height and breadth of the sculpture itself. As before the transparency of the artwork is the key to its success.  Chord is a polygon-based structure taking us back to elementary geometry. Alluding to DNA strands and echoing the idea of the building blocks of life. It inspires us to question our relationship with nature and our role within it.

Copper Between The Lines Lighting

Continually trying to balance form and function to devise the ‘perfect’ interior at the outset can seem to be an almost impossible mission, but through everyday experimentation and good old-fashioned ‘trial and error’, we discover ideas to improve our quality of life. Negative space is just as important on occasion as structure, as this allows for stunning aesthetics of light and shade. With all the variety and variances of light that LEDs offer, the relevance of light and shadows have the power to shape and generate harmony in our modern lit homes.

 BUCKLE 70 decorative LED mirror polished chrome ceiling pendant light

Dr Marialena Nikolopoulov from the school of architecture at the University of Kent states “Good designs are where it is not dictated to the individual how they should perceive, operate or feel in the building, but have the flexibility to explore and experience it for themselves”.

Experimenting with the natural flow of light through the frames of unlit light fittings has become a staple of large structured lighting. Some of the time light fittings are unused to illuminate a space, so to have a fitting which doubles as an architectural artwork means it will always a big part of the interior décor. Using the innovative designs to give people a sense of anticipation as to what the statement pieces will look like when lit, is becoming just as important. A sensory phenomenon is hoped to be achieved when the light and shadows are properly conveyed as darkness descends.

KEPLER 95 adjustable LED lens ceiling pendant light

The ‘WOW’ factor never gets tired; a refresh of what surrounds it is enough to reinvigorate the look.

BUCKLE 70 decorative LED mirror polished chrome ceiling pendant light

Sometimes, the adage ‘less is more’, however, a larger light (if much of the structure is transparent) can still be used in a smaller room if fitted in the correct area, such as above a table or worktop. Playing with the ‘see-through’ concept maintains the idea of space and allows for the natural ebb and flow of light. Alternatively, balancing reflective and matte surfaces also has a beneficial effect for maintaining the fluidity of light and opening up options for more choice in designs.

Modern structures often mirror nature, taking concepts and forms directly from the world around us. Let’s be honest, Mother Nature is a clever lady! What she doesn’t know about building structures isn’t worth knowing. Repeating patterns, symmetrical and asymmetrical concepts, strength, beauty and geometrical abstract contradictions. You name it; she can produce it.

ALONSA sculptural white LED ceiling pendant (large)

Concepts and inspirations can be viewed everywhere you just need to ‘LOOK UP’ and open your mind to the endless possibilities.

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