Lighting The New Normal; Inside Out and Outside In

In today’s upside-down world, we are seeing a shift in how we spend our leisure time. Some are calling this ‘pleisure’ time; taking the time to spend our leisure time finding or rekindling favourite pastimes.

The roles of our homes have changed; they have become much more than just a home. They have been a restaurant, schoolroom, home office and our safe haven, but as you’re sure to agree, sometimes you just get fed up looking at the same four walls.

Bluetooth Speaker Lights

We crave a fresh new look, to change up the humdrum.

Our passion for our homes resonates with by-gone eras of simpler times; they life we want to live – lets do it! Host a garden party or BBQ, going the extra mile to make it magical with lights dotted here and there, playing music. With a host of playlists you can pre-plan the perfect mix and share it with your guests via a blue tooth speaker. A natty idea is a speaker and light combination that’s simply perfect for such an occasion.

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If you have small children and can’t get out as much as you’d like, why not get creative and dress your dining room like a swanky restaurant for meals with friends and family? Putting lamps on tables and switching out the big light brings a sense occasion to your occasion!

Do you know what the UK’s most searched topics were during covid 19 pandemic? We would all assume that it would be mainstream queries, such as when are our favourite restaurants open? Or perhaps what is new in the technology market? Instead, the UK has moved back to searching for clues on how to look after tadpoles and little kittens (source: Google). It seems we Brits had a pang of nostalgia. Memories of simpler times, when sharing time with the family was easier.

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We’ve become re-invigorated remembering the importance of quality family time and making new rituals to enjoy. Light lunches in the garden whilst speaking to friends via video calls. A virtual pub quiz whilst sharing a glass of wine. We reached out via tech to learn new languages, to teach the children but in the main, to keep contact with family and friends.

We realised that technology alone is simply not enough, but technology that helps us make meaningful connections or share moments together is wonderful. When we’re in solitude, tech helps us to be occupied and feel part of a group momentarily, only to reaffirm that they are not really with you when the device is put down.

The Lighting Directory DARA USB table lamp in brushed nickel with opal glass shade

What does Covid 19 teach us?

We crave the influence of friends and family outside of the family home. Make time to remember this. Re-bonding with loved ones, we want to live in the moment with them – making new, shared memories.

So here’s some nice idea’s to share socially in the garden.

  • Carefree picnic lunches
  • Barbeques in the garden
  • Garden games
  • An evening under the stars.

The new trend coming is ‘in-in’ (or perhaps ‘in-out’?). We are enjoying our homes and relish the harmonious convenience of having everything we need within arm’s reach. Sharing your home with guests will be more of an event.

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Community spirit has returned in the face of adversity. A united front presented whilst neighbours are held protected under our wing, we act with more humanity.

When lock down ends and it will, why not invite neighbours along for a street party?

Our outside spaces have become cherished as an extension of our homes. A place to spread out and have fresh air, enjoying the lack of time pressures that we normally face.

Taking pleasure in the trivial things that we would not normally have time for, like caring for tadpoles or maybe welcoming a new pet into the home. Why not take a moment to spend chatting over the garden fence?

Many are also conscious that other people are hard at work and may carry a sense of guilt. Taking the time for self-development, learning new skills and considering the future are paramount in our minds, with a goal of well-being and better balances in life. Taking the time whilst the pendulum has ceased.

We are placing more value on key pieces that will rise to the challenge of new décor and last for years. The buy quick-and-often easier routes no longer seem as worthwhile.

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Buying British is also regaining importance, relatable to the end of wars where we all support local and independent businesses.

As we move ahead to the ‘new normal’, we pledge not to lose the inner calm that we have found. Making the tranquillity last as life gears up again, we’ll weather the storm and light the way.

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