Lighting a Living Room: Smarter ways to Illuminate

What are the best lights for a living room? Where do you position your lights in a living room?

Living rooms, lounges or sitting rooms, whatever you choose to call them, are the modern hub of the home. They lend themselves to being flexible… playrooms to homework rooms, games rooms to movie theatres and even for occasional mealtimes or a grabbed cuppa in the oasis of a busy day.

So how do you light a living room that caters for all these uses? Let us show you how…

Lounge and Living Room Lighting

Layers of light:

Consider your living room and how you’ll use it. Having more lights is better than having too few as it offers you more flexibility over light levels.

Ambient Lighting – This is the main light in a room; the ceiling light.
Mood Lighting – This would be wall lights, table lamps and picture lights which adds character and ambience to the room.
Task Lighting – This is where you have lighting that serves a purpose, such as reading lamps.

Getting a variety of these lights really increases the usefulness and convenience within your living room.


Whilst we need our living rooms to be bright at times, you’ll also want to relax in there at some point.

This is where dimmers come in. This gives you ultimate control over the ambience, allowing a shift in your living room, from daytime playroom to adult evening space that can only be achieved with a quick tidy and clever use of lighting.

Colour Temperature:

This is another sure-fire way to bring a ‘wow’ to your living room. It’s something that not everyone knows about, so coordinating this to how you want to use your room makes a huge difference that will have visitors green with envy.

What about a bulb that adds even more flexibility to your lighting?

We have a selection of LED bulbs that allow you to change the temperature of the light from warm candle hues up to blue/white daylight tones.

Smart Lighting | Remote and Wi-Fi Lighting

Without the need of an additional hub, these LED smart bulbs can be used via an app, or integrated for use with Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Changing the colour AND being able to change the lights without leaving your seat? That’s the ultimate in lighting flexibility!

Where to use lights in a Living Room?

First and foremost, make sure that the lights you have in your room don’t reflect back from the big screen. Watching TV is a pastime that us as a nation really enjoy and is one one of our favourite ways to unwind and relax. What’s not so relaxing, is when you’re trying to catch glimpses of your show in between reflections on the screen!

Lounge and Living Room Floor Lamps

Table lamps and floor lamps are perfect for living rooms as they add both ambient and mood lighting and more often than not, come with shades or diffusers and are sited lower in the room than the TV.

Lounge and Living Room Table Lamps

Wall lights (in my opinion) are always underutilised. They really elevate a room; especially a lounge as they can be used on the same wall as the TV, creating no glare but adding a warm, relaxing ambience into the room. Don’t panic if you’re thinking about adding these in after you’ve decorated however, as we have a full range of wall lights that can be plugged in.

Lounge and Living Room Wall Lights

For a really in-depth guide about how to position lights and considerations, why not take a read of the article below? This goes into great depth of what frequently goes wrong with lighting plans – and how to avoid them!

Lights don’t need to be complicated. We’re always on hand to help.

Lounge and Living Room Lighting

Living rooms are what they say. We LIVE in them. They see the triumphant celebrations, the days that try and drag you down, and everything in between. They’re worth taking the time with, so get the kettle on, pop your feet up and peruse the the full range of lounge and living room lighting from The Lighting Company.

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