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Smart Lighting | Remote and Wi-Fi Lighting

Browse The Lighting Company's collection of smart lighting, an assortment of fittings and bulbs which can be operated by remote control and or Wi-Fi.

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Smart Lighting

What is smart lighting?

Smart lighting fixtures feature LED bulbs as a light source. Whilst this is clever technology in its own right it’s the controllability of light not the cost efficiencies that get this type of lighting it’s title of ’smart’ lighting. The clever ways you have of controlling your lighting is endless. Making your lights automated, based on a number of factors or rules. It’s more that a day and night or an on and off setting, it’s more that occupancy settings, it’s putting you in control of the ambience you wish to create at the touch of a button.

With smart light bulbs allow you to

1. Automated Switching on and off of lighting.

2. Control colour of light.

3. Adjust the colour temperature of the light

4. Select brightness with remote or app dimmer switch

5. Zone the lights

6. Set scenes

7. Set as security Lighting

8. Set as wake up light

Being in control of light is said to be hugely beneficial to our wellbeing and we should all learn to take an holistic approach to our physical and mental well being, light effects our body far more than we realised. There’s a growing drive for us take take back control. Called ‘human centric’ this new wave utilises smart lighting to great effect. With smart controllable lights we can personalise our living space at the touch of a button. Controllable lighting allows differing scenes and zones in your home dependant on the mood you want to achieve for the space. With many of us using our room as multi functional spaces this makes different lighting requirements dependant on each task, smart lighting puts the user in control of the light level, the colour of light and the ambience you wish to achieve. Imagine setting your room up for a party you can opt for flashy disco or mellow slow colour changing lights. With the same lighting a shift worker could replicate daylight in the middle of the night, a joy when you see little daylight. On the flip side those who struggle to get up in the morning could set lights to replicate a sun rise and gradually brighten. Set a spa feel in the bathroom, or a warm amber flicker candle effect for dining, there’s endless choice and endless control.


Previously this luxury of being able to control lighting was reserved for hospitality sectors such as bars and restaurants. Hospitality sectors needed programming and lots of specialist kit to make the most of function rooms as you can imagine one day a party, wedding or gathering and the next a corporate conference with bright business like lighting. Now the controllable lights are within the grasp of homeowners, literally within your grasp, at your fingertips!

Light bulbs that can be controlled by your phone, via a software application (app) or by remote control. With a complicated array of smart lighting options available The Lighting Company, a large independent lighting retailer have opted to stock and supply a range of entrance market ranges that make smart lighting not only affordable but also easy to understand for those of us who love the benefits but don’t want too many technical challenges.

What are the options?:

Smart Light Bulbs iDual are great for a plug and play option operated by remote control. These retro fit light bulbs fit much as any other light bulb, plug them into ceiling fitments, table lamps and spot lights and they can start working instantly changing the room to reflect your mood. These iDual light bulbs can be controlled via the remote control with little or no set up required making them the best option for single rooms and a great starter kit. Instantly you can see the benefits this would have, for example a teenagers room where varying the light is preferred for homework and computer gaming. Homework can be done in a crisp white light, as can cleaning where a good brightness is required whilst relaxing a warmer light can be selected. When gaming to eliminate the contrast between a bright computer graphic and a dark room beyond selecting a bright yet colourful light may be desirable. Although a lovely choice for children of all ages the bulbs could also be used in dining rooms to dim lights, or indeed a bathroom and a spa style aqua colour can be selected, the options are endless with colour changing bulbs.

Smart Lighting Via an App will require a small amount of set up. The Wiz light bulbs work either with a remote or the App on your phone or tablet when connected to wi fi. This is a dedicated app especially configured to make using smart bulbs simple and fun. Great for larger homes and rooms with multiple lights. This system plays nicely with other tech meaning if you currently have an Alexa (amazon echo), Google Home or Google Assistant you can create a rule for voice activating your lights too and turn your home into a smart home.