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Lumens V Wattage Comparison Guide

Helpful Guide to compare lumens against wattages. The guide produced by and displayed with kind permission of The Lighting Association. The guide gives a clear visual indication between lumens and watts, helping you to decide which bulbs suits best. We 'The Lighting Company' aim to provide you with plenty of clear easy to understand information about the new lumen and energy ratings. We believe choosing the right light source is important. You'll find us adding lots of facts about Lumens over the next few months as soon this will become how we buy bulbs. We will be asking for 1000 lumen bulb please, instead of the 100 watt old fashioned bulb.

If you need to know which lights are greater than 45 lumens per circuit watt ( if you are building a new home this is required) you'll be delighted to know we have made it easy to see many lights that comply to current regulations. Click the underlined text to see them online.

If you would like to increase the energy rating or energy consumption of spotlight bulbs we have a super LED GU10 bulb for your consideration.

PLEASE NOTE: not all light bulb manufacturers have the same efficiencies a 3 watt bulb from one manufacturer may provide more or less light than that of another manufactuer. ALL our guides are based on a general rule of thumb that 1 watt will give approx 10 lumen of light. The Lighting Company strongly recommend checking on the box of light bulbs supplied by individual light bulb manufacturers. We are happy to answer questions related to lumen level of any light bulbs we supply, but regret we cannot advise on other lighting companies products.