Lighting Outdoor Rooms and Spaces

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A concept of a room within our gardens is beginning to make a significant impact on our leisure time but what is the best way to go about lighting our new outdoor room?

We all enjoy our time in the garden, with the setting being so much more relaxed and informal than indoors. We don’t worry so much about spilled drinks, or ice cream drips out there as the next summer shower will rinse it all away, much the same as room service on a relaxing break.

We are seeing a variety of uses for these garden rooms and we’re noting that the same thought and attention to detail used as in an interior design space will play dividends to your enjoyment of the room, making it a destination of choice.

Some of these rooms are placed on to the back of a home, allowing for an interim space between the interior to the garden, whereas some are tucked in a corner, or placed at the end of the garden and both will really help draw your eyes out towards, making your property seem huge – especially when the lights are on during an evening!


The structure of this room can vary, entirely dependent on your own specific requirements, from a decked surface with a pergola roof, to a gazebo, a summerhouse, a log cabin or an open fronted structure so you can choose one that works in perfect harmony with your home and garden.

One of the more popular designs is to have an outside kitchen, as we all like to get out and socialise with family and friends around a barbecue when the sun is shining. When planning an outdoor kitchen, it will pay you to carefully plan your storage, work space and lighting as well as ensuring that it is a sociable area which includes the chef!


Most of our warm, Summer evenings occur after the Summer Solstice, which will see the nights beginning to draw in, making our lighting a vital asset to this space.

Ceiling lights are perfect for adding a main ambient light to this space, and I do mean ceiling lights, but you will obviously need an outdoor room with a roof!! They really make it feel like a cosy, homely room, yet we must ensure that we use safe outdoor lighting with the correct ingress protection rating to ensure that the lights we choose are protected adequately against the inevitable showers. Utilising exterior lights with a minimum of IP44 rating will ensure that these will stand the test of time in your room. A ceiling pendant in this space will mirror the popular trend of interior design as well as adding charm to this space.



If you are aiming for a wider spread of light, or for more of an impact, we are delighted to introduce exterior ceiling chandeliers to our range – a trend we can see booming over the next few years. These add a rustic charm, teaming tough materials with delightful design ensuring that they provide a long-lasting appeal.


Hot tubs are becoming particularly popular in helping us unwind from our increasingly stressful lives and in order to use them for more of the year, we are seeing them being placed within an outside room with some enclosed sides and a roof for protection from the weather, as well as for privacy. Using wall lights in this space will add a magical ambience to the space which will help calm your mind along with the relaxing, warm bubbles.



If you decide that you would like to opt to have your outdoor room away from your home, for safety, it would be a good idea to illuminate the route back to the house. If you choose lights that are on all the time, it may impact on the oasis of calm that you have created – a bit like having a corridor, straight to the washing up! You could consider utilising outdoor lighting that has a PIR sensor which triggers the light to come on only when there is movement nearby. This will safely illuminate your pathway when it’s needed, but returns to the shadows when you are cossetted in comfort.



These spaces are also becoming more popular in the hospitality sector, by allowing underutilised outside space to become a popular place for customers to relax. They can quite often be defined by the lighting alone, creating a welcoming destination that patrons flock to on warmer evenings. Whilst the informal boundaries help to create a casual effect, lighting can sometimes be a challenge with a lack of a roof or walls on which to hang them. By using natural boundaries, such as trees or large potted plants to place some hanging lights, not only will it add to the cosy ambience but it will also add much needed light.



In addition, recessed ground lights are great for defining the edge of an informal space and also for illuminating pathways. Alternatively, bollard lights or ground spike lights will have a similar effect and can be used in softer grounds and borders.



Whatever your outdoor lighting needs, we’re sure to have just the right light, so come and peruse some more gorgeous lights that are perfect to illuminate outside your home.
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