Interior Inspiration: Quiet Simplicity


I’m sure you’ve all heard of the saying “a clear desk makes for a clear mind”, it’s a simple prospect that believes a cluttered desk gives us the sensation that we’ve forgotten something we shouldn’t have and that we’re bombarded with more than we can handle. Removing the clutter also eliminates this feeling and thus provides a clearer mind to work with. Our latest interior inspiration has a similar philosophy as it also applies with general surroundings in the home.



We’re taking things down a notch here as vivid colours and unusual designs take a step back to make way for some calm, simplistic yet endearing styles. Vivid colours and shiny surfaces are often associated with a loud atmosphere so we’re bringing in matte finishes and subtle tones with designs that don’t startle and give a soft clean edge to your interior. It goes without saying but never the less, have a clear up and a clear out! If there are things on display which aren’t needed then store them away, if there are things you rarely use then consider disposing of them or finding them a new home. Taking heed from the Scandinavian style – it’s important that you don’t over accessorise. Remember the philosophy; clear space, clear mind.



Choosing items which don’t contrast too heavily is the key to this elegant look, a blend between colours and textures keeps the room feeling calm and gentle. Neutral colours are a perfect way of adding depth to this, keep the greys, blacks, whites and browns around. To keep things soft consider using lights which have diffusers, fabric shades or opal and etched glasses. Opal glass does a brilliant job of hiding the light source from view but providing a soft diffused light that’s ideal for living spaces, these are available in various styles but are often most popular in globe pendants. A globe shape is a welcome sight with it’s flowing structure and simple look.



Bring in elegant shapes inspired by the timelessness of nature, the Pebbles table lamp has a beautiful flowing curve made up of stacked size ordered pebble shapes in a dramatic black finish topped off by a white silk drum shade. A calming structure that reminds us of flowing rivers and the peaceful atmosphere that comes with it.



Nothing is more jarring than an askew picture or mirror on the wall as it’s enough to get on almost anyone’s nerves! In other words symmetry is something that calms us as it gives us a sense of organisation and balance. This doesn’t mean everything has to be symmetrical, but it doesn’t harm to bring balance in ways such as a wall light on either side of the mirror, or a light source on either side of the room to have a balance of light. Balance can be made without needing to be identical on both sides. Going back to that nod to nature with the pebbles you could always consider (in minimal accessorising) a floral feature, one vase with a few faux flowers will add a gentle splash of colour and enhance the open relaxing feel of the outdoors without adding clutter.


A perfect balance of functionality and harmony, you’ll soon be enjoying your very own creation of Quiet Simplicity.



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