Interior Inspiration: Global Artisan

Our latest interior inspiration focuses on handcrafted British made products, so where does the “global” element come into it? When an artisan is creating a piece they often look for inspiration around them, but around them doesn’t always mean close by. A creative spark can come from anything, anywhere. One thing you can be sure of however is that within our collection of handcrafted items in Global Artisan is quality.

Looking closer to home we see inspiration from the Scottish highlands in the beautiful Antler range. A famous inhabitant of these lands is of course the red deer, one of the largest of its kind and recognisable by its large dominant antlers. The artisan Antler range is handmade using resin which is cast from moulds and uses a hand dipped and painted finish giving a very realistic and textured antler effect.

Going slightly further afield we can see inspiration from rustic France in the Emile range. Using a hand painted finish and put through a tumble process which partly removes the paintwork to give an aged vintage look these crafted pieces are sure to adorn a period property with antique French vibe.

As previously shown in the Antler range inspiration for new designs can often come from animals, so on the other side of the globe Australia is home to some which open a variety of design ideas. The Brutus range is of course taking influence from crocodiles. Their beautiful scaly texture and almost metallic sheen which they appear when fresh out of water is a look that’s perfect to work with. In an impressive bronze finished resin this crocodile tale wall light fitting is a quality focal point.

History can also be something craftsman consider, what could possibly get better results than handcrafting something which would have originally been handcrafted? The Tile range is reminiscent of Aztec design stone with a distressed finish and rustic symbolic pattern. Though having clear aged aesthetics it sits perfectly well in both modern and traditional settings.

So with Global Artisan you have a wide variety of design choices and themes in which to decorate your home or room, all at a high handcrafted quality. Why not finish up your dining room or long drop stairwell with a beautiful feature piece looking at the globe on a whole? The Orb pendant comes in a number of sizes and finishes and is a definite statement piece.

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