Let’s Get Hammered!

Whoa whoa, now before you pop open the bubbly it’s worth mentioning that we’re talking about metals here, namely hammered metals of course. If you are looking for a fresh new look for your interior then look no further, hammered metal lighting is one trend that can’t be beaten. Lately we’ve seen a huge uprising in desire for metals with a beautifully indented texture. They provide character and depth and give that feel of workmanship that are worthy of a little more admiration. Available in various metals and finishes, there’s a place for a hammered metal light fitting in any setting.

Hammered metals are suitable for use in any room throughout the home, however dining rooms and kitchens lend themselves extremely well to metal lights with hammered detailing. A pendant light over a table or kitchen island is an on trend look and is very effective, providing a hint of industrial design. Our previous interior inspiration “Surface Detail” brought these textured metals to light and now hammered metals are pushing to the foreground.

Hammered metals are seen in all types of lighting from pendants and wall lights to table and floor lamps. Hugely versatile, they can give a feeling of warmth or a colder industrial look depending on the finish. For example, coppers and brasses provide a warm light whilst steel, silvers and nickel finishes give that cooler, functional factory style. It comes down entirely to personal preference which one you opt for when taking into consideration the theme of the room.

Another benefit of hammered metals is that they are hard wearing and durable, should they take a knock or gain a scuff, not only is it difficult to even notice but it tends to add to the overall rustic character. Lighting benefits greatly from hammered metals, what better way to really accentuate texture and indentation than by lighting it, creating a play of shadows and light?

You can incorporate hammered metals into any setting, they’re great with the rustic industrial vibe as well as the more contemporary look. Hammered metals are also easier to clean given the fact they don’t need to be polished in the way that their smooth counterparts do, and of course it goes without saying that they’re far easier to maintain than fabrics. A quick flick with the feather duster and hey presto!

If you like the idea of hammered metals but seek a less striking effect, you could consider a light with textured metal detailing teamed with a smooth material for a contrasting effect which is mesmerising. The Teardrop ceiling pendant from British Designer brand, David Hunt is an excellent example of this, the transparent glass offering an ethereal, timeless look.

When it comes to metals, normally you’ll look at matching the exact same colours and tones, however with hammered metals they quite often give off a slightly different sheen, with darkness and light which makes pairing different shades that little bit easier. This opens up a wider variety to choose from, so you don’t feel limited to looking at only one metal. Clever planning of your lighting can also help team mixed metals together. The Stanley range of ceiling pendants and table lamps made by UK designers, Original BTC are available in smooth and hammered finishes in polished copper, nickel plated, black nickel and polished brass finishes. A group of these in different colours and sizes suspended at different heights is really effective and makes an eclectic style statement.

So why not create a room which features the delights of hammered metal? Then once all is done you can pop open the bubbly and sit and relish in what you’ve created.

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