Quirky Lighting; a look at the lighter side

Looking for quirky lights that lift your spirits and enliven your spaces?

The Lighting Company has a wide selection of quirky lighting to animate your interiors whilst brightening your state of mind.

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Life can be full of challenges and we believe that finding the best lighting for your home needn’t add to them. Lift your eyes from your screen and look up in wonderment at lighting that’s designed to raise a smile!

Quirky lights will add a quality touch of personality to your interior in an instant. Regardless of the décor of your room, we offer you lights that will add a charm that is not cheap and tacky but instead add a cheeky sense of purpose, a glimpse into your humorous side.

Lights are great to use as an idiosyncratic ornamentation of your interior designs, bringing a fun form of function and practicality which is not bound by convention or tradition.

Choosing lights that appeal to your humour will never go out of fashion, similar to when you meet up with old friends to find that you reminisce and laugh over comical actions you have shared over the years. They are just as relevant today as they were all those years ago.

We have a spectacular offering of eccentric lighting to appeal to you. Whether they depict animals, use forms not normally associated with lighting, or simply add a bright beacon to welcome you home, let us show you around our very own compendium worthy of P.T. Barnham’s circus.

Balloon Dog Lamps

It’s all the fun at the fair with these cute balloon dogs! Whilst providing a familiar amusement, they are exceptionally high quality and are available in gold, black and chrome finishes to perfectly match your decor. My favourite feature is the switch which is located on the tail, teaming great functionality within the fun of the design!

Nordium  BALLOON DOG decorative gold finish table lamp

Top Hat Lighting

Throw your hat in the ring with these gorgeous top hat and bowler hat lights! Designed with a fantastic blend of Great British tradition and technology, seamlessly offering a unique lighting feature. The hats are hand made using time honoured techniques for authenticity and are lined with an aluminium shell to create a warm glow. My top tip is to create your very own hat-trick with a collection of ceiling pendants or by adding the table and wall light!

Innermost  JEEVES black felt bowler hat ceiling pendant with anodised gold interior

Strike a Balance with LED Lamps

Defy gravity with these ultra contemporary table and floor lamps! The integral LED rings which are stacked to allow for a modern look that instantly brings an interior into the current era, a perfect fusion of fashion and intrigue. I love that they feature a touch dimmer which is gradual, so getting the light levels perfect for your needs has never been easier.

Nordium  BALANCE stacked ring LED floor lamp in satin metal finish

Balloon Wall Lights

Fly up, up and away with the balloon wall light. Effortlessly simple, yet hugely effective, the white balloon shaped shade is back-lit for a three dimensional effect. True to form, it features a wood effect ‘tie’ which leads into the string which is the cable and plug. It features an inline rocker switch for ease of use. My favourite thing? It’s also plug and play, so you don’t need an electrician to hard wire it for you! Instant fun…

Jigsaw LED Wall Light

Take the puzzlement out of great wall lighting with this contemporary and artistic curvaceous wall light. The elegant structure mimics the edges of a jigsaw puzzle in a linear shape, with the LED lighting following the aluminium for a striking look that balances artwork and lighting. It’s plug and play too but I like that it is also very slim which allows you to use it even in the smallest of rooms without overpowering the space.

jigsaw-tall-curved-led-wall-light-in-aluminium-finish-p25033-26061_image (1)

Tea Pot Ceiling Pendant Light Cluster

Get the kettle on for the quintessentially British tea time with this 7 light tea pot ceiling pendant. Made in the UK in natural bone china, each teapot is crafted in different designs for a whimsical effect. Each teapot can be height adjusted when you install it, making it easy to create your own unique effect. The best bit though, has to be the changing of effect when the light is on or off – you have to see it to believe the beauty of lit china…

Come and get inspired with loads more quirky lighting from The Lighting Company!

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