Lighting up 2021

What are the key interior design and lighting looks for 2021?

As 2020 concludes, many of us plan for a DIY project to refresh our homes. But what looks will be hot and which will not? This year more than any other, it’s all about creating the mood we want rather than following a set style or trend.

As we look for the bright light we hope 2021 brings, I can reveal it’s not so much fashion trends we are looking for within our homes what we are trending towards is a Lifestyle change. Is your home fit for the way you want to live?

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Following on from a year of being restricted to our home and back garden (if you are lucky enough to have one); it’s been a long haul. Our homes and gardens have started to look a little boring at such close quarters. We’ve redefined our values. It’s no surprise that for many of us is our home and garden has finally lost the charm it once held for us! Your next home or garden makeover will no doubt need to reflect the changing demands we face.

Many of us have muddled through with temporary offices, and decanting into the garden for sanctuary from the daily boredom of the same old surroundings. Yet as winter took hold, the joy of the outdoors was lost as days became cooler and back inside we trudged. Garden makeovers, home office projects and creating a relaxed warm and safe environment that suits the way we are or want to live is the order of the day.

Some of the newest looks are not new at all, but born of changing up what we have. Take the new year as a springboard to reinvigorate, warming up and reevaluating your living space. Why not stay updated with all the latest lighting looks? Sign up for our free lighting newsletters!

There are a bountiful abundance of new ideas to inspire. In an eventful (or non eventful) year, we are collectively taking stock. The past year for some of us has been awful and for others a gift. In the spirit of a brighter future we look at the happiness lock-down bestowed.

Simple pleasures have shaped our thoughts. It’s been a time to enjoy cooking once more, spending playtime with the children an unexpected bonus, of time at home you may have rediscovered how to live locally – and it’s good! Whilst others are filled with a longing to spend relaxed carefree time with friends and family; we are missing so much. There’s no doubt we want to find the joy and freedom we once had and treasure it this time.

New trends, no! that is wrong word ‘Lifestyles’ that are sure to resonate and find space in our homes have come to the fore.


Natural, (naturally!) has become hugely important, light filled spaces and the laid back informality we see in Nordic homes have captured our hearts. A warmed up ambient Scandi where texture cocoons us yet its still light filled and optimistic. Think boho, free spirited, and connected to the natural world. Seasonality will be embraced, we seen this shift to seasonal food but we’ll also gravitate to making our living spaces reflect the season too.

There’s a move towards cane, rattan and faux and dried flowers. But these will be more reflective of the seasons or evergreens. The colours we choose are more likely gravitating to warm neutrals  earthy but light. Dulux have launch a beige they’ve aptly named ‘Brave’ which does pick up on some of the sentiment we collectively feel. We are walking into a brave new world. Whilst beige doesn’t seem that brave it’s the spirit of a calm backdrop on which we apply a new optimistic splash of self expression. We’ll see calming greens, blues and deeper copper, terracotta and sandy colour ways in our home styling pallets. Wall coverings in floral patterns and I’ll stake a claim William Morris prints will have a renaissance.

House Of Hickin FINNLEY Wall Light Fitting in Antique Brass no wiring required plug in style

Fired Up

There have been many more Instagram and Pinterest themed out door spaces being explored.  Not as you’d typically expect the summer garden or predictable inside out vibe. Instead the more inclusive reflective around the campfire style pics that we are pinning saving and sharing. Fire Pits and dedicated outdoor winter gardens have stolen our hearts. Sitting around the campfire, below twinkling stars, festoon lights and snuggled in a warm blanket.

Rustic 3 light wooden pendant bar with clear glass shades

Making magical moments in the fresh air is good for the soul. Breaking free from the captivity I guess! Let’s all go feral, wonder with or lanterns and live off the land or at least toast a marshmallow and drink mulled wine a few steps from the back door. When you think about it why not have year round outdoor space, it’s not fresh air that’s a danger.

FUNGHI Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Light Colour Changing with Remote

The Potting Shed

Going rural, has always been a dream for many but could it move from a dream to reality? Country retreats are beckoning after all, if you can work from home does home need to be near the office? The rush to rural living will see homes in the country being snapped up quickly.

ASPEN rustic 3 light wooden pendant bar with clear glass shades

But you can still make a little hideaway. Many great writers wrote in the garden shed. We expect to see a whole lot more office space being fashioned from the humble shed, garden studio or go posh rustic with a shepherds hut in the garden.

Maybe the conservatory gets a rustic makeover to become an office space by day and relaxed dining ( or drinking den) by evening. These rooms can be a lovely informal space with a little planning. Yes they can be cold but go with it maybe curtains in a natural fabric can cut the cold down, installing screens, heating, Faux battery candles and ambient lamps and rustic bare bulbs lights. Don’t try too hard be informal. Rustic, weathered surface textures and rugs will do wonders. In short we’ll all be creating a little more space more creatively.

Halcyon Days

One trend for the cottage style interiors that has been named or at least hashtagged as an official trend is ‘Cottagecore’ an appreciation of heritage. The old ways are the best ways. Baking, sewing, gardening are growing in popularity. We basically covet the good life. A romantic view country living, idealised pure escapism is in order for those without the will or funds to upticks and head for the countryside. 

Another name for it is Gran millennial. In other words stuff your Granny is likely to have chucked out. The dark sideboard old style furniture that whilst well made become dated. The oldies, frankly must be fed up looking at it. These antique styles are well made solid workmanship, snap up these finds quickly. They are to rooms as cheekbones are to the face. Better still the feel good factor all round as a core principal taps into re-using everything. Looking after belongings, your clothes, careful purchasing so the planet can be saved, recycle, re-purposing, eating meat fewer days.

STRATHMORE Large traditional antique brass hanging lantern

Personally I don’t like the term, Granmillenial or Cottagecore but the look and the ethos has strong resonance with many of us, myself included. Although when we first introduced our prediction for this trend we identified this as Antiquity. The items from that past that are too good to leave, they must be saved, it’s not so much shabby chic up cycling it’s cherishing old stuff. About time, brown furniture is back in vogue. Old stuff holds part of our history, these objects are not for landfill they are for love.

Is it covid that has shifted our values? I’d say not, although it has brought things into shaper focus, this cultural shift has been on our radar for some time. To evidence this we produced an inspiration or concept theme for our interior designer clients sketching out the vibe. I’d say it’s  really has found traction since the c word (covid!) haven’t we all pondered the value of our homes during our enforced confinement.

Before deciding what your next home make over should why not take our personality test and see if you can find looks that just make you feel optimistic happy and brighter. This year 2021 the top looks are things that make you feel happy, calm, hopeful, joyful.

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