How To Light Your Living Room

Perhaps you’ve managed to get your home just how you like it, then you realise there’s a major thing that’s not quite right, the lighting in your living room. No need to worry, here we’re focusing on all the handy tips and tricks you’ll need to make your living room lighting perfect for any setting.

After all, we often use this room for many different occasions; whether you’re entertaining, spending time with your family or simply just relaxing. You should have your living room lighting exactly the way you need it.

Circus range of lights.

Using Mirrors To Enhance Natural Light

Incorporating mirrors within your home can have an incredible impact, they instantly add depth to the room, making your living room feel bigger. Mirrors can also increase the total light output of your room, as it adds a reflective surface for light to bounce off of.

Encouraging daylight in a room is key, using light reflecting mirrors is a great way to bounce natural light around the room. This helps to make a room feel bigger and brighter, resulting in a more welcoming atmosphere.


However effectively you manage to incorporate this design idea in to your home, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re all set. As when the sun goes down, you’ll need to replicate the level of light with artificial light to replicate the light you had during the day.

Circular mirror

Mirrors can also help to brighten up dark corners in your living room, by placing a mirror by a light, it will reflect it back in to the room.

Mirror wall Light

Another option available is to have a fitting that is both a mirror and a light. Whilst this wont have the affect of bouncing the light off of the mirror, it will still add depth whilst adding light to a specific part of your room.

How Much Light Does My Room Need?

A very important element to consider when lighting your living room, or any room for that matter, is how much light your room actually needs to be just right. This all depends on the size of the room. The below picture shows how many lumens you need depending on the size of your room.

How much light odes my room need?

If you’re not overly confident with lumens, as many people aren’t, don’t worry. We have this handy guide that translates lumens in to wattage, as that’s what many of us are used to. This also helps to determine what kind of bulb you may need, as lighting is forever changing, as we see an increase in LED lights, which are more energy efficient than old halogen bulbs.

Lumens to wattage.

For another way to calculate how much light your living room needs, here is a guide of how to calculate the amount of light you need in wattage, rather than lumens. Start by measuring your room, multiple the length by the width in meters, multiply that number by 25. The resulting number is the recommended amount of standard watts.

Room size for lumen calculation.

However, it isn’t advised to have your total required amount of lumens just in one light source. This can result in the light being way too harsh in a concentrated area, and will leave certain sections of your living room in darkness.

Table, Floor and Wall Lights

Aria range.

With this in mind, an easy way to ensure your light is equally distributed is to add wall, table and floor lamps. Each of these have their own benefit and achieve different results.

Living Room Floor Lamps

Light Table LED

When lighting a room, we automatically choose ceiling lights, and even table lamps and picture lights, but the mid height point in a room can still be dull. This is where a well chosen standard lamp can be the perfect solution.

Floor lamps were often seen as being oversized and dated, but that isn’t the case anymore. For example, you can have one that’s both decorative and brightens up your space, like in the picture above.

Polinesia Floor Lamp

You can get a wide variety of styles to choose from to suit your style. Also, if you’re lacking floor space we have a solution to that too!

For example, this minimalist retro designed floor lamp has a slender stand, meaning it can fit in just where you need it. It’s black finish can make it suitable across many different decors.

Mother and child lamp.

You could choose a mother and child floor lamp for your living room. This has the benefit of having a dual dimmer control, allowing you to decide whether to have both lights on, or just the one. Making this perfectly adaptable to you.

Living Room Table Lamps

Table lamps are perfect for when the sun starts to set, but you don’t want your ceiling light on. They would be well suited next to a favourite chair or sofa, as a reading lamp. Or even to just brighten up the dark corner in your living room.

Table Lamp level.

Everyone has a different preference in regards to what height they would like a table lamp placed at. However, we would recommend the base of the table lampshade at around eye level.

Green table lamp.

There are so many different styles to choose between, whether you would like something decorative to add to the appeal of the room, or perhaps you just need a functional light next to the sofa, we have a varied range to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Table lamp.

This desk lamp has a matt black finish with chrome detailing. The sophisticated design would fit in great with any modern setting and would be ideal for a living room.

Squirrel table lamp.

Adding something like this squirrel table lamp would really add a talking point to the room. But it would also give off a bright illumination thanks to the bare bulb feature.

Diamond shaped table lamp.

This contemporary table lamp would add both style and practicality to your living room. The unique designed diamond shape would give off maximum illumination whilst the white marble plinth and polished brass finish looks stylish and unique.

Living Room Wall Lights

Living room wall lights are perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere, and are a great way to disperse the light throughout the room to prevent the light from being concentrated all in one area.

Wall light.

There’s not an exact rule as to where you should place your wall lights in your living room, as it varies depending on the intended use. You may want to place your wall lights higher if you have high ceilings for example.

What height should wall lights be above a fireplace

However, as a general rule, you should consider placing your wall lights approximately 150cms (or 60″) higher than floor level for most places. If you are planning to have more than one wall light fitted, then we would recommend between 2.5-3 meters as suitable spacing between each one, however this can vary depending on personal preference and where your wiring is located.

If you have a mantelpiece, wall lights look best around 40-50cm above this.

wall light

If the lights are wall washer types, you may prefer to mount these above eye level, so you do not see the inside of the fitting. Wall washers sit close to the wall and generally have a diffuser at the base or top of the light, or sometimes both, which would then wash a pool of light up and down the wall.

Ronda wall light.

Another thing to consider is if you’re intending on using a wall light as a reading light beside a chair, you may want to position your light lower to ensure the projection of the light reaches where you need it to.

Double wall light.

One thing to consider is whether you would like a single or double wall light. This really comes down to how much light you want emitted from this source of light, perhaps you’re referring to your lumen calculation and this may help you decide how to divide up your light.

Many of our designs come in both a single and double light design, making your choice so much easier when it comes down to personal preference.

Single wall light.

Many wall lights have adjustable heads, so if you chose a double wall light you can alter the directionality of the light emitted in two directions to suit you.

Spot Lights

Living room wall spot lights also help to ensure the light is as tailored to you as much as possible, making it even easier to add the light exactly where you need it and make perfect reading lights.

Living Room Ceiling Lights

LED ceiling light.

Living room ceiling lights come in many different variations of size and style. Most likely you will have a preference, you know what works in your home.

However, understanding that lights also have different functionality needs to be taken in to consideration. There are lights that give direct illumination, some that offer diffused or refracted light, and others illuminate a wider area.

Understanding which lights offer which variations in lighting, is an important element to your decision.

Ceiling light.

This impressive 6 light ceiling pendant is perfect for adding charm and quality lighting to traditional settings as a central feature in your living room. Featuring 6 lights gives this ceiling pendant a wide array of light.

LED ceiling light.

This ceiling pendant light gives off a lovely amount of illumination and has the added benefit of being a sculptural light fitting, creating a statement in your living room. This light has integrated LEDs, ensuring this light will be long lasting and energy efficient, saving you money and benefiting the environment.

Ceiling pendant light.

This ceiling pendant light has a wide, focussed direction of light, giving off a large amount of illumination thanks to having 6 lights incorporated in to the design.

Living Room Picture Lights

Picture Lights.

Living room pictures lights are perfect for highlighting your framed photographs and artwork, giving them the attention they deserve.

Picture light size

For best results, we recommend choosing a picture light that is half the width of the artwork you are displaying.

Picture Light

Many picture lights do have an adjustable function, allowing you to alter the light to perfectly illuminate your masterpiece!

Wiring Not In The Right Place? Not A Problem!

Waco light.

You wouldn’t be alone if you think that if your wiring isn’t in an appropriate place for a light fitting, then you either have to go without or rely on table and floor lamps.


However this isn’t the case. We have a variety of options available to eliminate this issue. The ceiling lights come with ceiling hooks to allow you to adjust the placement that each pendant drops from. This not only solves the problem of the placement of your wiring, but also helps to spread the light around the room.

Dallas pendant light.

This design idea provides flexibility to suit your home, making your lighting choices easier.

Plug in wall light.

However this design idea isn’t restricted to ceiling lights. These wall lights incorporate this idea in their own way.

Plug in wall light.

These wall lights offer an electrician free solution, simply attach to your living room wall and plug in to a nearby wall socket.

So how will you incorporate these lighting ideas for your living room?

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