Task Lights; Illumination fit for purpose.

Lighting up hobbies and crafts; a comprehensive look at task lighting in the home.

We are all aware of the benefits good lighting can bring to a home. Without it, we are simply left in the dark!

Recent worldwide events have triggered a change in our behaviours and how we use our homes. Traditional pastimes have started to become popular again, along with us learning new skills and hobbies to keep the grey matter going!

But have we considered how we light up these newfound entertainments?

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Task Lighting

It’s an important topic that is often overlooked in the home. Have you ever had to move what you’re looking at under a lamp? Or squinted to see something clearer? It may not be your eyes playing tricks, but more a question of having your light in the wrong place for your needs.

So, what are the newly discovered pastimes of today?

  • Cooking and baking
  • Reading
  • Painting
  • Meditation
  • Sewing and knitting
  • Puzzles and games

Of course, what’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander! But most tasks undertaken where detail is required, good task lighting will be the saviour for your eyes.

With our homes playing more important roles than ever before, let’s take a look at the best task lighting to create harmony for you in each setting.

Task lighting for bedrooms

Bedroom Lights Guest Room and Hotel Bedroom Lights Reading & Craft Lights

Whether you like to read a book, engage in your latest app or catch up on social media, the bedroom is a great place to cosy up.

The main light in this space is generally saved for doing the housework or putting your clean washing away, as it makes the space feel a little cold.

Enter the magic of bedside lamps, bedroom wall lights or bedside pendants.

Offering both inhabitants independent sources of light that won’t disturb the other from their well deserved shut-eye is key.

Bedroom Lights Guest Room and Hotel Bedroom Lights Pendant Lights

Task lighting for living rooms

Lounge and Living Room Lights Wall Lights

Living rooms have evolved from being ‘parlour’ rooms, saved for guests, to rooms where we really ‘live’.

It’s where we relax with family at the end of the day, or lounge with pets as we put our feet up at the end of a long day.

Watching TV is a relaxing task for many of us in the evenings (if we can ever agree what channel to watch!), but you really don’t want the glare of a light reflecting off the TV screen, ruining your viewing.

Place your lights with care and choose to light the lamps and wall sconces that are run parallel to the wall(s) that the TV sits on. This will prevent glare and allow you to enjoy your favourite shows.

For reading in the living room, choose a floor lamp with a reading arm that act independently of each other. You can then choose the level of light that you need depending on the seasons, or the time of day.

Mother and Child Floor Lamps

Task lighting for bathrooms

Bathroom Mirror Lights - Over Mirror Lighting & Side Mirror Lights

Bathroom lighting is really important. These rooms respond to a varying degree of emotions, from bathing children, a long soak in the bath or a quick splash under the shower.

Our bathroom lights need to be flexible enough to cope with these changing focuses.

A main light is great for kids splash time and a quick shower. But is it so great for a long soak in the tub? No…

Over mirror lighting is a great source of more ambient light that also acts as task lighting for the bathroom.

The mirror is illuminated, reflecting into the room with a softened glow. They’re also ideal for shaving or applying makeup, as your whole face will be lit up! Or you could consider an illuminated bathroom mirror?

Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors

Task lighting for home offices

We’ve never seen such a rise in demand for introducing home offices into our homes.

We’ve had our kids completing schoolwork from home as well as many job roles being made partially or wholly changed to work from home.

The importance of lighting the home office is well understood. Productivity and staving off the eye-strain headaches are well documented.

Read our latest blog on Home Office Lighting:

Lighting The Home Hub

Task lighting for kitchens

The importance of home cooking has risen in our mindsets. Programs aligned with ‘The Great British Bake Off’ and Jamie Oliver’s ‘Keep Cooking and Carry On’ have resonated with us.

Kitchen spotlights are a fabulous addition to kitchens, lighting up worktops and kitchen islands, allowing us uninhibited flair over our culinary creations.

Kitchen and Utility Room Lights Spot Lights

With the inhibitions of social life comes the gaining of another precious commodity; time. Use it wisely and make your time convenient, easy going and well illuminated.

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