Lighting with Translucent Beauty

A classic look that’s fit for the contemporary world, we show you the beauty of lighting up your homes with tinted glass lighting.

Glass has always been a clear winner when it comes with lighting. The flowing forms coupled with the unrestricted light output has seen these lights in various guises, stand the test the time.

Lighting Company CORE 20 modern mouth blown smoked glass ceiling pendant

Whilst we love the look of glass lights, we are intrigued by the effect that adding a tint of colour has on our lights. It’s a bit like applying make-up for a Summer barbeque or a day at the beach, that gentle tint of natural colour which lifts what is already beautiful, rather than the theatrical sass that’s more suited to painting the town red.

Copenhagen Glass Collection  HORIZON medium deep blue mouth blown glass pendant with silver suspension

Lighting up interior designs with delicate hints of colour brings a simple, natural beauty that lifts homes with a subtle colour and effortless sheen. It’s a wonderful way to add an injection of colour without affecting the effect the lighting has in the room.

Project: Lighting  INFINITY 6 light iridescent glass ceiling pendant chandelier

Glass lighting allows you to capture the beauty of an LED filament bulb which reflects in the myriad of shapes through the shade. They allow you to utilise the look of the contemporary ceiling pendant but with greater illumination than their solid sided counterparts.

Copenhagen Glass Collection  SMYKKE modern crystal glass ceiling pendant light

Glass offers a diaphanous effect that you expect to see with flimsy fabrics but offers a reassuring solidity which is easy to clean and reflective. Reflective materials bounce light around a room, creating it’s own magic display of light and penumbra (partial shade created by a shadow) which creates a beautiful variation from it’s daylight effect to its evening one.

Copenhagen Glass Collection  LUTE green glass and gold pendant

It’s easy to mix and match the colours too, like a subtle bouquet of flowers, they all enhance each other’s own unique beauty. We also love this teamed with metallic colours, sometimes fused through the glass for a seamless effect.

Innermost  JELLY 22 curved blown red glass ceiling pendant

Introducing tinted glass to interiors also evokes the feeling of the artisan touch; knowing the piece is unique and has been mouthblown adds to the benefit that the unique shapes and textures bring to your home.

Copenhagen Glass Collection  FUTURA chestnut brown glass ceiling pendant (small)

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