Glass Adds a Touch Of Class: Glass Lighting

Glistening Glass Lighting

Let the natural beauty of glass lighting shine in your space.

Glass lighting has a translucency and a naturally reflective quality with a gleaming lustre, making it a perfect lighting choice. Especially as coloured glass is one of the few lighting options that is enhanced by daylight.

We find glass amazing and think that glass is a truly mesmerising material. It is quite astonishing that a molten liquid is created from fired earth and plays such an important role in our lives, being such a useful material.

The use of glass to beautify spaces has been going on for a such a long time, such as with stained glass windows seen in churches and we think it adds such a magical quality to spaces. It is definitely worth considering getting some glass lighting of your own and harnessing this gem of wisdom from the past whilst embracing the contemporary designs of today.

The Lighting Company will show you some of our favourite glass lighting options for indoor and outdoor spaces, we shine a light on just why we think glass is a great lighting choice.

Why Choose Glass Lighting?

  • Easy to clean
  • Retains clarity over time
  • Glass lighting reflects, refracts, absorbs and transmits light
  • Reflects daylight beautifully
  • High quality natural material
  • Works beautifully with foliage
  • Exposed bulb on-trend look

Pictured here you can see that the Copenhagen Glass Collection is an ideal choice for hospitality lighting as they keep your space looking fresh and sparkling. These pendants work well singularly over tables or perfect for suspending in groups over kitchen tables and islands for a refreshing look or combine different colours for a showcase lighting look. Choose a variety of your favourite subtle colours together for an eye-catching feature. The shape is contemporary and simple with smooth curves.

Organic Shapes

Our Rowan ceiling pendant is made with distinctly Scandinavian and British taste. Made with mouth-blown glass in a classy and contemporary dome shape in a variety of tinted colours. Subtle colours include gentle topaz blue, pinky obsidian and olive green, to name a few, allowing the light to glow through with astonishing clarity and beauty. Or you could go for a more matte coloured glass finish, like a creamy alabaster or brightly coloured rust glass.

Glass lighting can help you create a relaxing and inviting environment with a warm light glow and this lighting is sure to capture your curiosity. Showcasing glass lighting can enhance your surroundings whatever time of day as it has the benefit of reflecting sunlight and other light sources during daylight too, whilst adding a colour accent to interiors.

The Lute pendants from the same collection are pear shaped, made from mouth-blown glass with metallic accents at the top. Pictured here in golden smoke glass with a gleaming gold accent. Creating a relaxed, bright and sophisticated setting. Two metres of woven textured flex cable makes this pendant suitable for both high or low ceilings and makes it possible to arrange a group at different heights. Available in table lights too if you would like to achieve a cohesive interior scheme.

Glass Lighting for Outdoors

The Somerset Lighting Collection is one of our most popular outdoor lighting options with our customers and we can see why! They are hand made in Britain and named after provinces and towns in the lovely Somerset countryside (we are slightly biased!).

Pictured here is our Lynton outdoor wall lantern. Hand made in a charming lantern shape made with a traditional lead technique. Panels of glass in varying sizes of cubic shapes, including squares, rectangles and triangles with accents of deep wildflower-violet blue, topaz blue and clear glass. Mounted on a striking black sturdy aluminium decorative wall mount.

This lantern can signal a warm welcome home for you and guests either by the front door or helping to lighting for patio’s gardens and balconies. As a result this light has safety advantages. Whilst during daylight hours reflects natural sunlight, like a stained-glass window.

Additionally, this lantern has an IP23 rating, meaning high- protection from rain up to 60 degrees from vertical and can be fitted with either sensor, standard or dimmer switch.

Pretty Porlock Lantern

A diamond shape feature holds panels of the colours reminiscent of a rainbow in purple, green, red and yellow, which glow onto nearby surfaces creating accents of colour and illumination outdoors. Welded with contrasting clear glass panels.

Shimmering Glass Chandeliers

Our Raphael chandelier is made from champagne tinted glass with an impressive 8 lights. Adorned with draped beaded chains and teardrop shaped glass droplets. A magical sparkle, like morning dew on grass. A chandelier sure to be an impressive feature, enhancing a rooms elegance and grandeur. Each individual light fitting features intricate glass cup shaped sconces with chrome candle drips, (can be removed if you prefer).

We trust this chandelier will add a glittering, artistic feature to stairwells, entrance hallways, living rooms with higher ceilings or dining rooms. helping you to create an inviting, relaxing and warm environment. With plenty of refraction and reflection of light dispersed in patterns around a room. We have a 5 light option too if this better suits?

We hope you are as inspired as we are about the potential of glass lighting. Adding touches of crisp class and illumination to a room or outside space.

Keep your eyes peeled as we have an ever growing collection of glass lighting!

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