Lighting Trend: Dramatic Dark Lighting

Light up with dark lighting. “Dark” and “lighting” may not sound as if they go hand in hand, but this stark contrast is a style to behold. In our Dramatic Dark Lighting trend we look at fittings which use the boldest of black finishes and deepest of greys.

Light that emanates from dark fittings, creates an impressive and dramatic impact in your interiors. Think matte black, deep inky blues and charcoal greys; team these with pops of gold, copper and brass for a decadent look.

The HYDE range (pictured below) in the black and brass finish is a case in point. A bold and decadent style that’s sure to add a splash of sophisticated class to any interior. The range is available in various fittings and sizes; the HYDE has bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and long drop stairwells covered and luxuriously swathed in light.

HYDE chandelier and wall light

Teaming black and copper creates a similar decadent style that just works wonders. The TORONTO ceiling pendant, OSAKA table and floor lamp and SPECKLE table lamp (pictured below) add light drama to your interior. Sure to wow your guests.

TORONTO pendant, OSAKA floor and table, SPECKLE table lamp

Light fittings in dark finishes are bold and stand out from the crowd. They are certainly clear, but there is no transparency here. A very “sure of themselves” light fitting for that confident, ‘here to stay’ vibe.

Dark colours have a subliminal effect of control and steadiness; in today’s bustling world, this can create a cossetting affect, like burying your head under the duvet for a long-awaited lie in. The pairing of these colours with the golds, brasses and coppers, also adds a dignified and sophisticated impression that shouts luxury, without the need to shout it from the rooftops.

This strong look could often be construed as a bit masculine for some tastes, but if created with care, it can be a bold look that emulates so many more emotions.

The STRAP ceiling pendant (pictured below) is a good example of a dramatic dark light fitting that provides a relaxed Scandinavian appeal. The deep colours of the light fittings can be paired with lightly coloured walls for a soothing juxtapose.

STRAP ceiling pendant

What about teaming these coloured lights with crushed red velvet to create an Oscar winning look? They also look ultra-contemporary when teamed with a ballet pink, or perhaps team with glittery greys for an urban-luxe look? The possibilities are endless with this versatile look, why not get creative with your own dark, dramatic look? Browse the full range here: Dramatic Dark Lighting.

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