Lighting Trend: Bare Bulb Lighting

A big trend in lighting that is being used in interiors more and more is bare bulb lighting. Sharing many similar features of the industrial trend this look focuses on exposed light bulbs to lead the show.

Gone are the days where everyone wanted to hide their bulbs behind a shade. With the introduction of LED there are many decorative and unusual light bulbs available to add intrigue to your bare bulb fittings.

The bare bulb lighting trend is suitable in both modern and traditional homes. With a variety of light fittings to choose from a more contemporary or rustic look can be achieved. The SADDLER chandelier (pictured below) shows a classy and rustic look that echos a steampunk vibe, teamed with vintage style bulbs this really creates an impact.

SADDLER chandelier and LUTE table lamp

For a more contemporary take on the bare bulb look, the SIV ceiling pendant (pictured below) is an excellent choice. Hanging individually or clustered together in a group this marble effect pendant gives the exposed bulb trend a modern makeover.

SIV ceiling pendant

If you’re looking for something a little more abstract the ATHENA pendant (pictured below) brings a little Bauhaus aesthetic to the mix. The strong design and purposeful decision to expose the bulbs brings a sense of your own confidence to your interiors.

ATHENA ceiling pendant

Let’s take a look at the fantastic bulb options available, sure to take centre stage with their large size and abstract shapes. These dramatic light bulbs are the epitome of the bare bulb look, able to take the foreground without any need for complex fitments.

Decorative and Oversized Bulbs

The GIANT (pictured below) is a decorative organic shaped light bulb in a beautiful gold tint glass. Lit by a decorative LED twist filament this unusual lamp provides a stunning yet subtle lighting effect that’s sure to add an individual character to your bare bulb fittings.


On the other end of the scale you can enhance the rustic look with vintage squirrel cage style bulbs. Consider the smoke glass LED squirrel cage bulb (pictured below) in a bare bulb cluster pendant for a vintage setting. A sure wow factor.

SQUIRREL cage LED filament bulb

The bare bulb trend is one favoured not only by homes but hospitality settings. A restaurant or bar is well suited to the exposed bulb look adding a classy aged look to their aesthetics. Cluster pendant lights are a great option for over tables and bars allowing individual pendants to be hung at various positions with only one electrical ceiling mount point.

The HUCKLEBERRY (pictured below) is sure to create an impact in any room setting. Team it with vintage or decorative style light bulbs for an entirely unique look.

HUCKLEBERRY pendant cluster

Bring light bulbs out the shade with the bare bulb trend. To see more bare bulb light fittings browse the full range of exposed light bulb lights here: Bare Bulb Lighting.

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