Oriental Table Lamps; Lighting Authentic Luxury

Table lamps that bring an oriental touch of style and personality to a room have become popular of late, it seems we just don’t want to settle for boring anymore. We now understand that lighting in luxury homes can be better.

Oriental art is much coveted, largely due to the delicate artistry this symbolic chinoiserie depicts; birds, blossoms, foliage and bamboo are all emerging in fabrics and wall papers and lamps. Rather than giving a glimpse, they tend to portray a story.

What are the best lights for an Oriental themed room?

Oriental design is instantly recognisable, with its hand painted designs inspired by humans and nature.

The word Oriental derives from the Latin term; ‘oriens’, which referred to the Eastern part of the world. Synonymous with prolific artwork for Centuries, Oriental design is extremely popular in the present era and we can show you how to apply these little painted pots of joy into your interior design.

Along with Artists born and bred in the Western world, there was a movement in Europe in the latter part of the 19th Century who were inspired by this intricate and detailed work. They began to use their memories of travel to the Eastern continents to inspire their Oriental scenes, without ever leaving their studios. This movement was referred to as ‘Orientalism’ and indeed, French painters became so accomplished in their art that they were referred to as the leading luminaries of this movement.

The Lighting Book  FIONN ceramic table lamp with floral detail and linen shade

Today, we see genuine Oriental antiques have soared in value as many were exported due to their exquisite, elaborate designs. To add this captivating look to your home, it is vital that they show exceptional quality along with a hand painted element. Adding cheap, mass produced items will demote the look of your vision. It’s easy to get the ‘maneki neko’ (Chinese waving cat) look that you see in the local Chinese takeaway, but to truly emulate this sought-after design, you will need to form a more considered, artful approach. Often, less is more with Oriental design, the beauty being in the detail that captivates your interest time and time again, be it viewing from an alternative angle, or noticing a little new detail.

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If you are going to add patterns, the same rules apply to any more traditional, or classic designs.

  1. Don’t overdo the number of patterns.
  2. Keep similar colours together.

It is true, that pictures and patterns are absolutely key to this look, but in much the same way that we would not use matching wallpaper, curtains, cushions and a rug in an interior design; you should not apply it to your oriental design either. It will be better to pick where you use your patterns and we feel this is best left to the porcelain lamps that will steal the show, regardless of whether they are lit. Mirroring the colours from your lamp and some complimenting accessories will work wonders and if you are a fan of patterns, you can introduce more when you keep to the same colour scheme. Many of our gorgeous Oriental inspired table ceramic lamps feature a cream background which is perfect to add into neutral coloured rooms; a subtle way to add colour and art into the room.


Imagine the impact of large sofa lamps sitting tall and proud in pairs, they really delight a period drawing room. Chinese lamps are perfect placed at the edge of a sofa that is positioned in the centre of a room; they bring light where it’s needed, add artistic statement and frame the stage as they would have done in their heyday.

A selection of our favourite Oriental style lamps are:

Tea Caddy Style Table Lamps:

A tea caddy was a jar or box that was used to store and transport tea leaves. As tea was such an expensive commodity when it was first introduced to Europe, they were often kept under the watchful eye of the mistress of the house, so often took on a decorative, ornamental design. Early examples were limited to blue scenes on a white background, but over the years, they took on more elaborate forms of design, with stoneware, ceramics, metals and woods being utilised, to keep the air from staling the tea.

Kutani Ware Table Lamps:

Kutani is a traditional style of Japanese porcelain that originated from Kutani which is now in the former Kaga province. Traditionally, they were marked by vivid colours that represented luxuriant aesthetics, the favoured of which were green, blue, yellow, purple and red. With bold designs that featured landscapes and the beauty of nature, each piece was lavishly decorated all over the surface.


You can also use lights that are inspired by the region to great effect. So, what are you waiting for? Get a slice of Oriental charm with great lighting in your home!


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