Lighting Up 70’s Glam!

If you’re thinking ‘yeah baby’; Austin Powers style – no – that’s not it!! It’s more of an alluring, quality vibe. It’s a far more grown up and glamorous retro look, hence the name. If we all had the chance to relive the seventies with the benefit of hindsight, we would banish the orange and brown floral wallpaper! We’d focus on the more successful designs of the time.

During the decade of the 70’s, history saw us embrace fashions and trends; some with more success than others!

In economic uncertainty throughout the decade, we saw the nation cling on to the frivolous trends of the swinging sixties. In fashion, we saw bell-bottoms maintaining their popularity. Bright colour suits and flower power were still making an impact.

Interior designs enjoyed pop-art colours and confident style statements that punctuated the modernity following the austere post-war years.

The Lighting Book  TROMBONE 10 light LED ceiling pendant cluster in brushed copper

As the decade progressed, we saw a shift to a far less flamboyant period of design. Hand-me-downs and handcrafts came back into fruition.

However, as is often the case, the need for austerity breathed its own life into designs all of their own.

The David Hunt Lighting Collection  OPERA 18 Light Pendant Butter Brass complete Glass

When we’re watching the pennies, we are less likely to put up with something that is less than perfect; we’d rather wait and get the ideal fit. The 70’s vibe therefore resonates with quality and style against a backdrop of earthy tones, or pale candy colours.

It’s this eye for detail that we see having an impact on the resurgence of 70’s lighting.

The use of luxury materials adds a real touch of quality. We see many of these lights include gold and brass metals in their designs.

The scale has been increased in today’s trend! Incorporating our love of the oversized – it really works perfectly in harmony with these 70’s glam styled lights!

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