Marvel at Moroccan Lighting

Moroccan Mystique

Looking to add a little Moroccan mystique to your home? Then the Moroccan lighting trend is the way forward. Rich metallic finishes and eye-catching detail is sure to keep you mesmerised. We’re here to help you create a wonderful relaxing ambience to any room; you may want a Moroccan style bedroom? Lounge or dining room? Well, now is the time as here at The Lighting Company we will show you our top selections for this trend below.

A Cocktail of Cultures

Morocco itself is a cocktail of cultures and influences. If you want to achieve this style then you can mix and match ideas from the Mediterranean, Africa and the Middle East. A tapestry of textures and warm, spicy colours work wonderfully with with plenty of ambient light. So you can illuminate your colourful interiors. The word fanous is sometimes used for lamps and lights in Morocco amongst other places, originally thought to be from a Greek word whose meaning is candle.

Pretty Patterns

Multiple lights are a signature of this look and create a beautiful ambient glow with pockets of peekaboo light and shade. As the light shines through the fretwork it transiently paints the walls with pretty patterns.

Here, our aptly named Kaftan table lamp shows off intricate fretwork when alight through the punctured pin holes. It has a a nickel finish which is also reflective of light from other sources in the room. The tiny holes create glimpses of light and shade onto nearby surfaces, perfect for evoking an exotic spirit and relaxing milieu. Adding plenty of soft, comfy throws and a mix-match of patterned cushions will really complete the look.

Your Home is Your Temple

Introducing Moroccan style lighting in your home can make it feel like a little temple.

Our Javier nickel pendant also pictured above paired with ornately carved wooden furniture and deeply colourful fabric cushions.

The Javier pendant has a semi circle pattern and is finished in a textured polished nickel finish. The nickel finish has a various patina and also works well when combined with other metallic finishes.

This pendant is supplied with a chain suspension and therefore can be shortened when you install it to your desired height. Also perfect for over table lighting, including islands or bars. Try hanging these pendants at various heights for a statement feature.

The Moroccan look is all about creating a warm and inviting space where you can really chill out and soak in the beauty after a long day.

Waves of Silver

Here is the Lars table lamp, made with intricate fretwork details with an antique silver patina. The patterns are reminiscent of waves with circular, pretty fretwork allowing the light inside to gently glow through. With an in-line rocker switch and a curved handle at the top, perfect for bedrooms, living rooms or dining rooms. Many ambient lights and lanterns create an inviting and warm atmosphere.

The Eclectic pendant shown above is very typical of Moroccan trend lighting with its distinctive shape much like a tagine, featuring ornamental fretwork, capturing the essence of the Moroccan trend. This light alone could set your room off into a Moroccan style paradise!

Pictured above is a variety of table lamps by Forestier Paris, named the Tibet, Imperatrice and Opium. Although a French designer these lamps have a distinctly Moroccan taste. Ceiling pendants are available in the same style too if you would like a cohesive scheme. They work well combined with other lamps as they are in a classic black, which works with pretty much everything. An elegant and ambient atmosphere as the mesh-work diffuses the light softly. Not only lighting for illumination they will enhance the interiors decoratively too, providing sculptural intrigue and style.

Vintage Morocco Vibe

The Amina Pendant is characteristic of Moroccan style with its distinct wide shaped base which becomes narrower towards the top.  Whilst adding a vintage, quality feeling. Enhanced by the twisted cable flex suspension and the rich, balmy patina of the shade. A great look for the hospitality sector, over tables, kitchen islands and bar’s either at home or for your café or restaurant. You can suspend this pendant singularly or as a group it works well in a row. You could fit a row at various heights? As when fitting you can adjust the height of the cable for a more dramatic impact.

Pictured above is the Eclectic burnished copper metallic pendant light with rows of pin hole of this pear shaped light. This light will add a treasured vintage-Moroccan style and as you can see works wonderfully. As above used as table lighting either singularly or in a row in a hospitality or bar setting.

Here at the Lighting Company we have a hand-picked selection of lights in Moroccan style: to browse our full selection see here: Moroccan Lighting.

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