Maximalism; Large Light fittings to show off your style.

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The size of your home used to dictate the style of your fixtures and fittings. If you live in a small space, you tended to look for dinky, neat little lamps. If however, if you had a larger home, teeny tiny things simply look odd. For those of you with large homes and hospitality venues you’ll need to go large with lighting or you’ll need to increase the number of smaller lights to get:

A – Enough Light

B – The right Impact.

However there’s a growing trend to go for a larger than expected light in your home. Up-scaled lighting is catching on as a trend, regardless of the size of the room the lights are getting bigger and bolder. Today we are looking at the more elaborate side of the trend, but expect to see pendant lights and wall lights all gaining girth as the trend starts to gain momentum.

This movement, or change to our thoughts where size is concerned, is all about playing with scale. This has ignited the imagination of many of our interior designer clients who are fearless and peerless in the interior design industry, however, for those who want to try the look but feel a little unsure, then this blog is for you.  We felt it may be apt to offer some guidance for those who wish to embrace the gigantic shift to maximalism. 

Historically, large lights have been tricky to source, unless of course, you’ve worked with the experts here at before, you’ll have been in the dark about their bespoke service making supersized lighting for contract markets. But now the trend for big, beautiful lighting has become somewhat of a mini trend. Ironic as this is, as the trend itself is as polar opposite to mini as you can be.  ‘Maximalism!’ Is big, right now.

What kind of big light fitting are right for large rooms?

Multiple tier chandeliers, large dramatic light fittings certainly takes an air of grandiose to a new level. From the period styles, embellished with candle style lamps that flood light into larger spaces, to the cascading lights for modern double height rooms that double as an art installation, there’s a style that is large enough to impress in both traditional and modern spaces. The key takeaway today is lighting is a big feature in a room! Don’t waste the chance to make it shine.

Can you use big lights in smaller rooms?

Yes you can, size is relative, as long as the light is not too big to be intrusive, the aim is be impressive whilst not impinging too much on the living space. Often, people base the size of light based on the size of the floor space but if the ceiling is tall enough you can go larger. Instead of looking at floor space, glance up and see what size the ceiling is. A large expanse of ceiling is an under utilised space, this space holds untapped potential to be adored to the max.

The trend for big lights is growing, so if you are having a feature light don’t skimp; go as big as you can afford and as big as you can realistically fit in to the space. We’re harking back to the show off era’s where lights were used to show status and wealth; there is nothing restrained! It’s full on ‘wow’!

Throughout time, lights have attracted us, impressed us and been a symbol of decadence and luxury. Here at the lighting company, that thrill of seeing a large lamp filled light switched on for the first time always causes a gasp of pleasure.

There’s always a reason to go for a big beautiful light fitting, or a lamp for that matter, but how big should a light be in a room?

The size of the room will determine what size light you should have.

But here is a diagram that summarises the information in short form for you.

TLC Room Guide

Or read the past blogs here. So, we won’t repeat this today, this blog is dedicated to showing you how spectacular large lighting can be.

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