Light a Yoga Studio at Home

Devoting a bit of time to yourself is no longer self-indulgent; it’s important to take time for mindfulness, meditation, yoga! Having a sanctuary or space to relax, be calm, a place for stillness.

A dedicated place where you can nourish and enrich your life, focus on your wellbeing, mind and body; a yoga studio. Why not? Yoga is growing greatly in popularity, not only as it’s good exercise but also so beneficial for the mind. With life stresses and mental health issues affecting us all at one time or other, it’s clear we need to switch on to looking after ourselves a little better. Devote a little room to you!

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If you are a Yogi (someone who practices yoga) you will have no doubt carved a small niche somewhere to practice, after all all you need is a mat? But a studio would be lovely!

We share some little, light touches to create a calm yoga retreat in your studio, spare room, garden shed and where space is a premium, you can even create a space in a corner of the lounge. Of course, you don’t need to be in to yoga to clear a corner for you, it can simply be a quiet place for mindfulness a place to be still and in the moment.

Make room for you.

Step one is dedicating the space to your yoga practice. If you don’t make room for yoga in your home you are likely to fail to make room in your life for yoga. Take the step towards a stress ‘less’ life.

Clear the clutter, away and be firm that it should not creep back in again! Unused space quickly gets swallowed up again. If you are using a small space in the corner of the lounge. It’s useful to zone the dedicated space by putting a rug down.

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Make it tranquil

If you have no hope of blocking out the noise, perhaps play music. Adding some plants will help to soften the look and add to the feeling of wellbeing if your yoga takes place indoors. Some wall hangings or rugs also deaden the noice a little certainly worth doing if you are practicing in the shed. Have a look at some of our lights that have bluetooth speakers in them.

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Setting the mood.

String lights and lamps really do add to the ambience. We love balance lamps, moroccan lamps, and pottery lamps (check out the Wabi Sabi range of lights), the essence of Wabi Sabi is appreciating the imperfections and seeing them as art. This is so appealing and fitting for a yoga dedication. Have a read of the Wabi Sabi blog for further inspiration.

Awaken your senses.

The smell of success. Our sense of small evokes pleasant memories. Scented candles are lovely but not without risks! Perhaps consider a delicate botanical room spray and a little lamp.

Rain chains and wind chimes

If you are fortunate enough to have a studio or shed, add an audible, gentle noise. I love this it almost calls you to a practice and keeps you yoga aware.

Visual Stimulation

Some people love an altar effect as a focus point when practicing yoga whilst others do not want any religious symbology. I prefer to have some things that I believe to be beautiful, a little lamp is a delight, as is a slogan.

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If you only have a small space perhaps stow your yoga mat in plain view. Hang it from hooks or mount a shelf. Make it stylish with a few accessories, I’m not talking quirky hippy, not all yogi’s are the same, no offence if you are more of a hippy go with it, but for many of us the style should echo that of your home.

We as a nation are actively looking towards improving our well being, better diets, some days without alcohol ( I know! Life can be so tough) and taking an altogether more holistic approach. Appreciate that you need you time.

Some businesses, we have one here at Lighting Company where staff use an app they can link with fit bits to track movement, the app offers menu ideas, exercise plans and tips for dealing with everyday stressful situations, like teenagers, there’s even taking therapies. There’s help for a balanced work /home life. Mental health is so important, you need to exercise the brain too.

If you’ve never tried yoga why not give it a go. There are apps to aid home practice, many of them free.

Also making the environment we live in beautiful, uncomplicated and light filled helps us reach enlightenment.

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You deserve it; take time for you!

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