Wabi Sabi Lighting

Light touches to make your home as unique as you are!

Wabi Sabi is a style aesthetic that celebrates natural imperfections in objects. No two objects are the same; unique treasures that echo humanity. Derived from ancient Japanese art forms the key elements are flaws and imperfections. In handmade objects the characteristics that speak of authenticity, the variations in texture, blemishes, cracks and tarnish; touched by human hands, the workmanship shines proudly! Uniquely original.

Why have what everyone else does? Be original. In days gone by, there was a movement known as ‘arts and crafts’, where everyday objects were hand crafted. The movement was spearheaded by renowned William Morris, who rebelled against mass produced, soulless interiors. The same is true of Wabi Sabi.

We embrace the beauty of handmade items and the artisans who make them, yet also enjoy the look so much we are also willing to support some mass made items that exhibit the qualities and tactile nature of the look.

Natural wood, tarnished metals, clay and pottery that show signs of how the item was made speaks to our creative side. There is something honest and beautiful about perfect imperfections. There is an endless joy when looking at lamps and light fittings that encapsulate the hand made vibe. The patina and textural elements bring intimate objects to life.

For those of you who love a simple soulful calming look in your living spaces Wabi Sabi will do that.

The look is incredibly simple to achieve, it’s a style that oozes elegance and refined dignity yet with a few key objects you are done. Making this trend do-able even on the tightest of budgets.

Must have items for a Wabi Sabi interior to be proud of.

  • Neutral coloured walls work best.
  • Lamps opt for earth pottery glazed or unglazed team with rattan, linen, or natural silk shades.
  • Colours earthy tones and natural materials
  • Rustic Wooden tables and shelves
  • Ceramic bowls, or matt stone objects.
  • And Light it. Often the missing element in an interior lighting brings more that light, it brings ambience a mood, it enlivens! Enliven literally, is to bring to life!

And that all-important element light should be soft, deflected light. We’d suggest ambience rather than full glare. A light fitting that directs light onto select objects works nicely with the Wabi Sabi aesthetic. Creating focus with a mellow glow of light elevates and brings and extra dimension to an object. If you think about an exhibit in a museum an odd fragment of pot can look captivating when showcase in a pool of light.

Which rooms does Wabi Sabi suit? Any, yet we think it is a calm and restful look particularly appealing for a bedroom or a relaxing space such as living rooms, garden rooms.

We adore it’s serene, sanctuary like qualities. Even if you can’t change the whole room, perhaps just do a table top or shelf with a few pots and a lamp. You like us, are sure to reap the rewards that the calm relaxed style that celebrates unique, flawed imperfect yet perfect.

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