Lighting Trend: Madly Modern

If you’re a fan of contemporary design then the “Madly Modern” lighting trend is one for you! Focusing on unique statement pieces with diverse structures the madly modern trend provides the wow factor for the contemporary home.

Expect curves, waves, flowing lines and a futuristic appeal.

Thanks to the technology available that is LED (light emitting diode), we are able to see far more complex and abstract shapes in lighting. LED’s can come in many forms, one of which is strip lighting. This has an extremely shallow profile and flows perfectly with the structure it’s integrated with. Don’t expect to see the traditional light bulb here, it’s all about lighting within the twists and turns.

Madly modern shows an ultra modern style that’s sure to draw the eye, often with ring or looped design it gives the sense of infinity proving its timeless appeal. There are aspects of this trend which echo the look of the Geometric trend, so consider a blend – they’re complimentary to each other.

CIRC Ceiling Pendant

If you’re fortunate enough to have a large space or particularly high ceilings there are many oversized light fittings available here. For example the CIRC ceiling pendant from GROK (pictured above), provides a high output of light and measurements to fill larger than average voids.

In contrast to large spaces the Madly Modern lighting trend also hosts a plethora of smaller sized fittings. Still showing off beautiful twists and turns in more confined spaces. Semi flush ceiling lights, table lamps and floor lamps are perfect options for those with lower ceiling heights.

TIRO ceiling light and JIVE table lamp

The TIRO semi flush ceiling light and JIVE table lamp (pictured above) are perfect examples of madly modern lights suited to the smaller home. Curved structures integrated with LED’s provide a low energy and sleek design with a soft lighting effect.

KEPLER ceiling pendant

The KEPLER ceiling pendant light brings a sci-fi aesthetic that’s impossible not to be intrigued by. It gives a beautiful lighting effect whilst maintaining a clarity for a less encumbering design. A very contemporary look that will bring a madly modern vibe to any interior.

TETRA ceiling pendant

The TETRA LED ceiling pendant pictured above features 6 curvaceous arms with an abstract appeal. Each arm is lined inside by an LED strip creating a diffused lighting effect. With a large diameter of 84cm this oversized fitting would be well suited to illuminating above a dining room table. Despite its width the fitting can be shortened to a minimum of 45cm keeping it available as an option for those with lower ceiling heights.

BALANCE table and floor lamp

The BALANCE lamps shown above feature beautiful stacked ring structures with an inner lining of LED’s. A soft illumination for the modern home with control over the output of light thanks to the included dimmer functions.

Be ahead of the curve with “Madly Modern Lighting” and bring that ultra contemporary look to your interiors. Browse the full range of ultra modern lighting here: Madly Modern Lighting.

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