Lighting the Path to Boho Inspiration

We’re enraptured with the boho style which will naturally fill you with a sense of wonderment and we are excited to show you our top picks of bohemian lighting.

Originally, bohemians in earlier times may have been travellers, intellectuals and artists and boho aesthetics and lifestyles saw a rise in popularity in the 1960’s with flower power, peace and love.

A re-awakening now is more akin to boho-chic. A style as much as it is a way of life which celebrates the unconventional and exotic. A laid-back relaxing feeling is bestowed into interiors and the right lighting will enhance this.

An eclectic style that is spirited, colourful and personal which blends modern and vintage elements. A mixture of curated colours, layers and patterns.


Kaleb from the lighting book is the epitome of boho style, a hand-knotted macramé pendant made in natural cotton. It is the perfect addition to a boho styled room.  It is postulated that the word macramé stems from an ancient Arabic weaver’s word meaning fringe.

Pictured above too is the Maja, easy fit shade, shown here as a ceiling pendant shade with a geometric diamond pattern and detailing woven into the fabric, this lamp can help add a layering of patterns which is typical of the boho trend. This shade can also be fitted with a table lamp, so its versatility is sure to delight you and find a perfect place in your home.

Pattern Overlays

The Alida table lamp shown here will add an exotic element to your boho interior while enhancing your space with a cherished piece to your boho scheme.

The Alida table lamp is made with nickel with a painted gold inner, an array of punctured holes in a tessellated pattern will lend the light to dapple and reflect with beautiful patterns of light and shadow and provide a warm ambient glow in your beloved setting. The pattern of light and shadow created by this lamp is reminiscent of a peacock feather.

As you can see bright pinks and orange and greens, a mixture of patterns and treasured finds provide the perfect backdrop for boho-fun style trend.

A Kaleidoscope of Colour

Pictured above is The Eilish pleated lamp shade, it is made with the ikat technique where wax is applied before the dye is. The patterns and colours are like the inside of a kaleidoscope which will add illumination, colour and a boho accent to interiors. Pick your favourite colours from this multi-coloured shade and accentuate them with complimentary accessories. This light will illuminate your boho styled room and works perfectly with wicker furniture, soft faux-fur tactile furnishings and mixing and matching colour palettes and layering of textures and patterns.

The Esidro easy fit pendant in pink and cream is made in delightfully feminine colours and the pleated folded shape would work well in the bohemian trend in a bedroom for example. It also makes this light easy to transport and deliver, why not treat yourself today?

Feathers and Natural Treasures

The Eos white feather shade is made of hundreds of feathers which are a hallmark of bohemia. This dreamy and floaty light is sure to create a calming and peaceful boho-bedroom look, drift like a cloud into your serene sanctuary. There is something almost angelic about this light and we can see it suspended from your bed for a restful night’s sleep. Can you?

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