Lighting Between the Lines

Here at The Lighting Company, we live and breathe all things lighting. We stay up to date with the latest trends and technology before we summarise them for your delectation.

Let us introduce a favourite trend which looks great, no matter the style or era of the room, this look is clearly a contender.

Design For The People  CAGE design ceiling pendant in a brass finish

We’ve named the overall trend ‘between the lines’, a play on words that seems to sum up the look perfectly! ‘Between the Lines’ light fittings are linear, geometric or grid patterns, or basically – lines!

The phrase ‘reading between the lines’ alludes to that ‘unsaid something’ that actually speaks volumes; that is exactly what these lights do.

The narrative is, that not everything is hidden yet not everything is revealed. This brings intrigue. The play between light and shade, enlivens a space and brings a dynamic punctuation! It draws attention, much like when you underline a word in a sentence – it makes more impact.

Nordlux  GROA wooden slat ceiling pendant light (small)

The ‘between the lines look’ is a bold outline, like a line drawing or a framed work of art, the wire framing allows small vistas to be seen in isolation.

The repetition of slats, mesh and geometric patterns manage to be playful yet confident; bold yet delicate. There are lots of opportunities to use shapes to enhance the room further, imagine the play of light and shade you’d get on the ceiling or wall when a light is hung or positioned close to a surface. Yet hang a light lower into the room, perhaps above a table or even looking down on it on a stairwell and it will reward you with dozens of peak-a-boo opportunities to see your home from different angles, tantalisingly refreshing, in small sections at a time.

Why is seeing little glances of your home from a different perspective good? Often, we are in the same room for long periods of time and can quickly tire of the same view. The dynamic addition of repeat patterns and play of light and shade keeps the look fresh and captivating for longer.

Is it worth investing in this style of lighting for your home?

Often the choices of lights are restricted by the budget you have to spend. The wireframe lights in our ‘between the lines’ selection start at very low-price points, making the budget constraints less of a barrier.

The outlines are bold and dramatic yet light and airy, which means they don’t block light and won’t to too dominant and obstructive in any size room.

The simple outlines work like a frame; albeit offset, showcasing colours rather than competing with the decor.

It’s one of the hottest trends around and teams well with the vintage filament or Edison bulbs that are equally trendy.

Nouvelle Collection  PAPILLON grey, white and green mesh ceiling pendant light (medium)

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