Lighting up the Art of Iridescence

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We looked into our iridescent crystal ball last year and informed you that iridescent lighting was a trend to watch out for… We’re delighted to write again to say that we were correct in our trend forecasting and it’s here!

You will have come across the phrase iridescent before and experienced its colourful charm, but what you may not know, is that this is not a recent discovery. In 1796, it took the Latin word ‘iris’ which means rainbow and made it into an English word that means a luminous, rainbow sheen that changes colour in the light.

It’s this ever-changing array of colours which captivates our interest with iridescent glass, perhaps due to nostalgia to childhood days of blowing bubbles and marvelling at the inside of seashells.

Iridescence is caused by multiple reflections of light and due to the nature if this, it makes a perfect partner to use with your lighting in modern settings.

Project: Lighting  INFINITY 6 light iridescent glass ceiling pendant chandelier
Project: Lighting  LAVA iridescent blown glass ceiling pendant light

So, get some modern iridescent lights into your home!

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