Pipe Dreams; Lighting Trend Alert

This luxe-industrial look is not going anywhere fast and pipe lighting is key to creating a cool, interesting and on trend look. We see this trend prevail in hospitality venues as it gives an edgy, authentic and unique look to spaces.

Luxury Pipe Work

We see pipe dreams like the industrial trend, though is a little more refined and luxurious. Gold and brass pipework adds an opulence to the industrial trend. A new trend we are calling, pipe dreams. Lighting is one of the most effective ways of adding signature styling to a room, whether you are looking to create an on trend home or memorable hospitality venue and we have searched far and wide and are here to present to you the best in the industry.

Expose Engineering Elements

Instead of hiding pipe-works, these usually hidden elements are celebrated and brought to the forefront of interiors.

Exposed pipe works, rivets, inner workings and intricate details are brought to light with an uncomplicated strength and beauty. This trend is perfect for creating an original style in open plan living spaces, or kitchens, bathrooms or dining rooms at home.

Tubular Aesthetic

Think of an exposed tubular aesthetic, metallic finishes and open structures which showcases decorative filament bulbs. This trend will bring an unconventional and up-to date look to your interior design scheme and blends perfectly with other looks, like surreal, coastal and modern or traditional which will create an intriguing juxtaposition. Why not play with contrasting styles, textures and colours!

If you are a fan of interior design, you will have followed architects and interior designers’ excitement about curating spaces with exposed pipe works and we have selected our top picks of this ever-growing look for you in our “pipe dreams” section for you.

Pictured above, is the Quentin 6 light chandelier in a matte, dark finish, called buckeye bronze, featuring heritage-brass candle holders which together is a striking and beautiful contrast. A blend of the latest geometric trend with a vintage-reclamation edge makes this look both versatile and unconventional.

Open and Un-obstructive

An open design, inclusive of negative space is captivating and immersive. Inviting you in, keeping the space in between, with its unobstructed style. You are sure to love this chandelier as you can see it looks great as over table lighting and we have a 4 light version too.

Shown here is The Aviator wall light, it is custom made and has an original style with elements of steampunk, and industrial-luxe. Featuring three straight pipes of symmetrical lines, leading to strong metallic detail bulb holders and exposed filament bulbs. The textured hand-mottled finish adds to the charm of this wall light which showcases hand-made artistry, akin to the work of traditional blacksmiths. Its bronzed finish and various patina add to the luxury of this fitting which exudes quality and a vintage warmth which epitomises the pipe dream trend.

The San Jose 8 light chandelier, pictured above is an incredible, almost animated feature light with extendable pipe style arms at various points so you can adjust the look in a variety of different ways and keep interiors surprisingly fresh and trendy. As you can see above you can create a number of looks with just the one fitting. The joints and fixtures holding the pipe work arms are marvel of light engineering and design. The semi-circle cup shaped shades are a new and very hot trend in interior design. This fixture really does have it all an impressive, grand scale and the flexibility of it allows you to direct the light exactly where you need it.

Strong Linearity

The Imahn pendant is a minimal rectangle design with a strong linearity, finished in a sophisticated and classic black, the tubular black frame is held together by visible natural brass joints and lamp-holder. This combination is very classy-cool and encapsulates a fresh take on industrial style, evocative of this pipe dreams trend.

Why not pair it with the co-ordinating Imahn wall light, or ceiling pendant for an unforgettable style statement.

Pipe Dreams Wall Lighting

Pictured above is the Lome wall light in an antique brass finish. A warm metallic finish here adds to a luxurious vintage feel, typical of the pipe dreams trend, it looks beautiful as you can see when teamed with other rustic interiors such as wood and other naturally beautiful materials.

Or if you are looking for a splash of colour to brighten up a space the Lome wall light comes in a variety of colours and finishes (see below). Why not add a variety of colours or finishes for a cohesive yet eclectic aesthetic.

Letter Box Red

Pictured here in letter-box red it exudes a retro-vintage charm while the design is contemporary and edgy. Exposed nails, bolts and joints are typical of the pipe-dreams trend. This wall light is available in a wide variety of colours and finishes, zesty orange, classic white, antique brass, black, grey, polished chrome and antique silver and polished brass.

The Lome suspension pictured here is simply styled with touches of luxury, allowing your interiors to shine. A characteristically quality-rich braided flex cable holds filament style bare-bulbs.

We hope you have found this helpful and inspired to add a touch of pipe dreams to your interior scheme?

You can explore the full range of lighting in this trend here: Pipe Dreams Lighting.

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