Spot Light is on the Bauhaus Lighting Trend!

We will explore the ever-popular Bauhaus Lighting trend and show you some of our best Bauhaus style wall lights, table lamps, floor lamps and ceiling lights.

Bauhaus is one of the most influential German schools of modern art to date and it’s stamp on design remains prevalent.

What makes Bauhaus different?

A style where the form follows the function. A new perspective on design which is still exciting and collaborative. The perception of the overall impression of objects d’arts was more considered, how the lines, colours and tones interact with each other.

We explore lighting designs in the Bauhaus style which will bring a fresh, striking and bold look to your interiors.  

What is Bauhaus Style Lighting?

Think primary colours in lighting designs, geometric shapes, linear motifs and clever integration of design benefits without compromise on style. A celebration of bold modernity.

Bauhaus Beauty – Design and Function Coming Together

Pictured above the The Niko Table Light by Faro embraces a Bauhaus philosophy and style in its marriage of design and function. The linear base is rectangular where a wooden circle indicates the inductive charging position for your phone, which follows to a simple sphere of light made in quality opal glass, which beneficially is LED so very energy efficient too which means a lower electricity bill. The light is turned on by a touch switch that has varying intensities.

Bauhaus Table Light

The Franklin lamp shown above will bring instant Bauhaus style into your interiors. A circular base supports a curved “c” shaped stem leading to conical shaped shade and iconic design finished in a bright phone-box red.

Bauhaus Style Wall Light

Shown here in true Bauhaus style is the Box wall light in blue. An iconic geometric shaped light perfect for the bedside with open space and a base which neatly holds your phone. A perfect bedside companion. This light allows you to keep your phone by your bedside but not take up any room on your bedside table. Perfect for homes and particularly helpful to guests in your hotel, who will certainly experience the clever Bauhaus philosophy in the details integrated into the box’s design.

Bauhaus Style Floor Lamp  

The Gras floor lamp has a retro style and the polished chrome finish offers a bold modern look. This light will be very fitting to a Bauhaus style interior. The Gras floor light’s design has been smartly made as it is adjustable at three different points, a versatile design, perfect for reading or creating accent lighting.

Gras Bauhaus Style Table Lights – Bold Primary Colour Statements

The Gras light is available as a table light in a variety of bold Bauhaus primary colours colourways, blue, yellow and red. The white inner finish allows an effective spread of light. Why not co-ordinate your room with the floor and table light for a cohesive look?

Bauhaus Ceiling Pendants

The matrix ceiling pendant light reminds us of the building where the Bauhaus movement began with its geometric architecture. The interlocking design is inspired by Asian fishing traps and the space between offers a play of light and shadow to any room.

Abstract Geometric Lighting is a Work of Art for Your Home

The City Lights Pendant chandelier is reminiscent of the geometry seen in Mondrian’s iconic paintings, especially composition || in Red, Blue and Yellow, 1929 with abstract, cubic design (pixabay image). Featuring off set geometric blocks of light made in opal glass, spreading the room with a diffuse light.

This light will flow with the architecture of your interior and is perfect for Bauhaus style kitchens or dining rooms as depicted here as over kitchen island lighting and equally, works beautifully as a statement piece for over-table lighting.

We really hope you are as excited about the Bauhaus lighting trend as we are it really is timeless and has a mass appeal. Check out The Lighting Company’s Bauhaus Lighting styles here: Bauhaus Lighting

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