Baby You’re a Firework! Top 10 Lights

November the 5th, a parade of colour and confetti of sparkling light starbursts in the nights sky.

Today, The Lighting Company celebrates Fireworks night by picking our top 10 lights that emulate the sparkling shimmers of light in firework displays.

Fireworks fill us all with awe and fascination.

If you love Fireworks night, there’s a good chance you love lighting that emulates the joy sparked from the sight of fireworks.

So when you look up in your home, you can be dazzled by filaments and showered in a sparkle of light everyday of the year.

When you look up, what do you see? Have you neglected your lighting? Time for a seasonal home refresh!

We have picked for you, our top 10 lights that emulate the style of fireworks. Expect to feast your eyes on the latest filament bulbs and sputnik style pendant lights and starburst patterns!

1. AVESTA Calex Moonstone Light Bulb

These dazzling light bulbs by Calex have a filament that will capture your attention.

Their novelty size and smooth lines achieved with mouth blown glass adds designer style to rooms. Versatile too, as they can be used as both table lamp and pendant light fittings.

Filaments inside the glass resemble a glowing sparkler in the dark night sky. You are sure to be mesmerised by the attractive, spiral filaments of the Avesta Moonstone range.

Much alike the style of the Lidingo LED Light Bulb LED creative filament Bulb which draws the eye with its spiral filament.

2. The Nabila Ceiling Pendant Light.

A formidable light that commands attention with its starburst style mid century, bold lines emanating from a central sphere.

Pierced with disks of detailed, textured clear glass where the bursting pattern is echoed. When illuminated it lights up a room with bright clear light.

Clear glass helps to reflect and shine glows of light in your favourite living rooms.

A contemporary and iconic sputnik style that has taken the lighting world by storm, an interior designer favourite.

3. The Sagan Pendant Light.

Sagan shares its name with the famous American astronomer Carl Sagan. A sputnik style design where perfect linearity scatters from from the centre.

Polished gold adds bright warm glows of light to rooms at home or hospitality venues.

4. Behold the KAI ceiling pendant light.

Speckled light glows like fireworks with a beautiful effect shining from the dark background like a night sky.

As pictured above KAI is also available as a matching table lamp, an immersive lighting look.

Perfect for creating ambient lighting atmosphere in bedrooms, lounges or dining rooms.

5. Calex Filament Bulb

A showstopping bulb with a mirrored, reflective surface when off and when illuminated an iridescent surface shines with multi colours with a dazzling, colour changing filament within.

Swirling with mesmerising colours. This bulb is in our mix and match range. You can choose from chrome, brass or copper suspensions. Whichever you prefer?

The filament resembles the coloured flames of fireworks frozen in time.

6. Paulita Bathroom Flush Ceiling Light

What about your bathrooms? Creating luxury spa experience in your bathroom has never been easier.

Showers of glass will light up your bathroom with beautiful glimmers of light. The glass here is filled with bubbles adding a fun touch to a classic Art Deco/1920’s style design. For luxurious moments, everyday.

7.Grok BOSQUET Spiral Design Floor Lamp

Behold the Grok Bosquet, a spiral design with swirling pattern in matt black. Featuring an easy to use foot switch.

A floor lamp with contemporary appeal, a great fit for lounges, bedrooms or illuminating any sharp corners in the home with its soft lines.

8. The Albany Flush Ceiling Light

A starburst feature on the frosted glass shade of the Albany is ideal for lighting rooms with low ceilings.

Glimmers of the polished chrome ceiling rose offer a contemporary edge to the design.

9. The Piper 6 Light Ceiling Pendant New York Lighting Collection

Looking for a more traditional style? A rich espresso finish ceiling pendant light named PIPER may just be the one for you.

Crystal finals drop downwards and capture the light on their reflective surface.

Like a rain of light cascading from fireworks. You can adjust the height of this fitting to suit spaces such as lounges, or reception areas. For a complete look pair with the Piper wall light.

10. The Grace XL Ceiling Pendant Light by Globen

Last but certainly not least is the stunning Globen ceiling light the pendant arms cascade downwards like fireworks.

Featuring an impressive 16 light fittings with milky white globes.

Be awe stricken with your home and look up to great lighting.

We came across the word Coruscate while writing this blog on a word of the day we all enjoy here at The Lighting Company HQ.

Coruscate: give off or reflect light in bright beams or slashes: Sparkle

2. To be brilliant or showy in technique or style

“Be the Spark – live light”
Laurie Buchanan

We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and thank you for reading!

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