New Lighting Range launched at The Lighting Company.

Signature Untold is a bright, shiny new range of home lighting being sold by The Lighting Company on a limited edition basis.

This collection brings a simple elegance that is set to have an enduring appeal. Signature looks are soft brass gold, simply yet beautifully styled pieces that whilst elements of the mid-century are apparent, a modern new aesthetic emerges.

Whilst this is a freshly launched range, and sure to be popular, the unusual decision has been taken to limit the numbers being sold. This will retain the exclusive nature of the lighting range.

We at the Lighting Company believe this marks a landmark turning point in the luxury lighting industry. Where exclusive, own brand and limited editions ranges will captivate shoppers who prefer not to have the same as everyone else. This is not a never ending shopping isle, if you wish to own one of the pieces from the Signature Untold collection don’t delay.They are very limited.

Why is the range named ‘Signature Untold’?

Two reasons; No-one but you should have their signature in your home. The looks you put together, with carefully chosen pieces, are your looks. Your story. Encapsulating all you have designed. In short it’s your signature.

Enegmatic and mysterious, don’t you think? Signature Untold are un-named designer brand and limited edition ranges.

The signature style of the range is undoubtedly the understated luxury, the looks do not predetermine the look of the interior space they illuminate. These styles sit perfectly in most settings where the softly styled light fittings harmonise and blend in with a cross section of interior designs. A transitional look which is elegant and luxurious, yet works with the furnishings and treasured items we all have in our homes. Sheer brilliance!

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