Tasteful Dining Table Lights for All Budgets

Want to light up your home eating experience? Sharing food illuminates family time; what are the best lights to dine with?

Today The Lighting Company will show you our top table topping lights. We will show you lights for a variety of budgets, which we call Pocket Pleasers, affordable luxuries and elite investments in modern and farmhouse styles.

Sharing food with others has been woven into the human story since the beginning of time.

We’ve long been aware of the associated benefits of sharing mealtimes with others, such as strengthening social interactions.

Many of us will recall going out for dinner for a first date, meeting up with friends over lunch and even business lunches.

When we think of cosy Christmases and other occasions, we would be unlikely to picture eating a roast on our own.

Busy routines mean that we’re seeing evening mealtimes spent as a family fall by the wayside. 34% now eat whilst sitting on the sofa and a further 20 percent dine in the kitchen.

However, around 49% of Brits have admitted that they would prefer to spend mealtimes with loved ones, so we need to drive the shift back to more traditional family mealtime values.

We’re here to show you the light to guide families back to the dining table.

Modern Table Lighting

Pocket Pleasers

  1. Gianni modern light ceiling pendant composed of modern chrome cage and black detailing.

2. Perfect for modern over table lighting, the MOTIF pendant by The Lighting Book. Clear glass and polished chrome add sparkle to your dining experience. Hang singularly for smaller tables or a group of three for larger tables and dining rooms.

3. Quinto Contemporary Ceiling Pendant Light A super modern and fresh choice for over table lighting in dining rooms. A purity exudes from the white finish and simplicity in design.

Affordable Luxuries

  1. Boule Pendant Lights by Innermost, funky, fresh and modern over table lighting. Available in copper, chrome white or black. Their glossy surface is captivating.

2. Design for The People aim to offer designer lighting to everyone. Bloom 21 has smooth curvature, opal glass shade and a top bright copper metallic accent. The milky white opal glass creates an ambient dining experience. Also available with a cooler brushed steel metal top detail.

3. Enoch ceiling pendant light is made with a gentle gold with a wide and shallow shade, perfect for lighting over tables with an effective spread of light. Double Insulated for safe use in homes with no earth wire and LED integrated energy efficient light.

Elite Investments

  1. Faro MINE SPACE ceiling Pendant has a contemporary simplicity complete with 8 metres of cable and 4 ceiling hooks so you can customise this fitting. Plus 4 opal glass shades for a soft light glow over tables.

2. Neve 3 ring pendant with 3 tiers of crystal encrusted LED light. Hang over tables for a spectacular dining room look with glamorous simplicity.

3. Cesario 12 Light, two have been arranged here for a showstopper lighting look. Iridescent Pools of light appear to float above dining tables capturing, reflecting and splitting light with a mesmerising quality.

Farmhouse Dining Room Lights

Pocket Pleasers

1.Vintage Collection FACTORY retro ceiling pendant light has a beautiful distressed copper finish perfect for country farmhouse cottage looks. Suspended by a black cable and matching copper ceiling rose.

2. Nantucket is a retro style pendant finished in a creamy putty colour with cream chain cable and rose. It’s height adjustable with a good spread of light from the pale colours and downward facing directional light makes it perfect for lighting in cottages which are often darker or smaller spaces.

3. Vintage Collection FACTORY retro style ceiling pendant in a mint blue finish. Perfect for dining room tables or kitchen tables. The blue reminds us of of the colours of French farmhouse kitchens and pale blue window shutters.

Affordable Luxuries

  1. Feiss BESO has contemporary smooth curves and copper metal detail at the top. It looks great above kitchen and dining room tables for a farmhouse aesthetic. Spreading an intimate light suitable for dining when the main light is tuned off.

2. Urban Renewal industrial bronze mini ceiling pendant perfect for creating a farmhouse kitchen/diner vibe with an industrial style edge. Think in threes when you have a larger table.

Fairfax Pendant Lights by heritage brand David Hunt Lighting. Small and larger sizes are available. Made in Britain with artisan craftsmanship and mouth blown glass.

Elite Investments

1.The Melt by Tom Dixon is a designer ceiling pendant light, available in single, trio, multiple and mega pendant system sizes.

Melted globes finished in copper, gold or chrome have a mirrored metallic surface when off and when illuminated become a hive of reflections. An eye catching table topper for ambient mood dining room lighting. We think the Copper and Gold finishes will add a contemporary look for a farmhouse dining room look.

2. Pictured above is the San Jose ceiling light. It will add instant industrial style to rustic farmhouse dining rooms. The arms are adjustable and you can make many arrangements from this versatile single piece.

3.Here we have the Fulton. It is great for farmhouse style dining rooms. If you have a character property you’ll know they can often be dark, the Fulton with it’s exposed bulbs will allow the light to shine in your dining rooms. The frames have a bronze vintage appeal and you can choose vintage style exposed filament bulbs with this design too.

To see all our options on lighting for your dining tables see here: Pendant Lights for Dining Rooms.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog and it can hep you find a tasteful light for your dining room.

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