New Year, New You! Lighting up a Bright, New Home.

Give your home a fresh new look for a New Year with brand new lighting!

Give your decor a few updates to keep your home from feeling as if it’s back to the same old interior. Now that you’ve got the clutter of Christmas out the way it’s the perfect time, it’s a new year – why not freshen it up?!

With Christmas over the house can often look bare and somewhat miserable when the decorations come down. Where once there was a tree adorned in light and glitz you’re left with a dim and empty corner. Don’t let it go unloved for another year, why not bring back a little light with a decorative lamp on a smart side table?

There are many lighting trends which we had previously mentioned were on the rise which are set to be dominant for 2019. Let’s take a look at some of the trends we said would be coming into homes as well as some emerging and new concepts.


An age old favourite that covered many of our floors over the years with a rich orange brown finish and earthy feel. We’re not just suggesting re-tiling the floors, nor does it have to be terracotta itself, it could simply be a similar earthy vibe full of natural texture. It really helps to create a warm and crafted feel that’s perfect for making your house feel like “home”. It gives a natural appearance and whilst looking great in any setting it can really help with a rustic aesthetic. Whether you choose to colour a feature wall in a terracotta finish or have a terracotta coloured rug or settee, it’s a warm and welcoming addition to the home.


Blending in seamlessly with terracotta, another style with hand craft in mind is rattan. With a focus on wicker, it accentuates the natural and homely theme and continues the warm tones. There are a few lights available with a wicker styling, you could also introduce some wicker furniture into your rooms in the form of chairs or tables. This also gives an “outdoors in” vibe, so consider this style in a conservatory or sun room.

PANTONE Colour of the Year 2019: Living Coral

World renowned colour institute PANTONE have announced their colour of the year for 2019 which is “Living Coral”. Mixing vibrancy with a soft warmth this optimistic coral hue is sure to brighten your interior. Compliment it with transparent water like glass in a similar finish or a contrasting colour with a tied in theme, with natural coral inspired texture and movement within the design. There are even lights we have available which can be customised in colours of your choice, why not choose a fitting using this very colour? You could choose to create a feature wall in this colour and simply add lighting and ornaments with a sea life theme to tie in. A welcoming colour to encourage lighthearted moods.


You may have seen this material used in some rather extravagant architecture and infrastructure, such as Hoover Dam or the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It’s a decorative composite material typically consisting of quartz, granite, glass and marble. Given the uses of this material it often exudes the opulent feeling of class and grand design. With the varied composites within Terrazzo it’s easy to pick out a colour to accent it with, this makes it a rather versatile choice. It comes in an array of colours so you’re sure to find something that is as subtle or vibrant as you wish. There are many fittings which use a marble finish and a prominent part of Terrazzo is marble, so it’s a perfect match to this style. Bold two tone colours are also a good option to team with Terrazzo.

These are but a few of the styles you’ll be set to see this year. Why not get ahead of the curve with a fresh look this January?

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