Steampunk – A Growing Trend

Steampunk you say? What’s that? For those of you that are ‘in the know’, you will be well aware of what it is and that it has been around for some time, or you’ll most likely think it’s brand new. However, once you’ve read this article, you’ll be enlightened with this vastly growing trend that has so far been sitting a little in the shadows, just out of the spotlight.

The Lighting Company Quoizel  CARNEGIE industrial vintage style 8lt chandelier pendant in a bronze finish

So in a nutshell, what is it? Steampunk is a blend of new technology with a vintage appearance that offers something a little different, eccentric and quirky. So, as an example, if you think modern day robotics with an appearance of brass gear cogs and clockwork movements, you’ll be heading in the right direction. In fact, another way to put it is almost “mad scientist-ish”. 

The Lighting Book  CODE Multi Arm Light Fitting in old gold. A linear grid shape with midcentury charm, highly sculptural by The Lighting Company UK

In this trend you’ll see repeated materials consisting of brass, wood, glass, leather, and copper, all used to great effect with vintage bulbs. Often, they will use pipes, valves, clockwork and taps as this trend is heavily nautical and mechanical themed. Going by this information, many of you may now be thinking “I’m sure I’ve seen this before” or “that sounds familiar” and you’d be right! This trend has appeared in many places from films such as Mad Max and even Harry Potter, to big title video games such as Bioshock. You could even now be thinking “I know this trend! I just didn’t know it had a name!”, which is exactly what I thought when I first heard about it.

The Lighting Company The Lighting Book  ATHENA 12 light modern ceiling pendant in polished chrome

Steampunk is often linked to clothing design and robotitisation, but it is so much more than that. It’s so brilliantly portrayed in lighting due to the use of unique and vintage bulbs and has the ability of changing the time set of an entire room. There are many different designs but all have much in common and will be easily identified as Steampunk. This trend can fit well into any vintage or rustic setting, they’re also great decorative pieces for those who just love the unique and creative look. On the other end of the scale, whilst you may love this look, you may be thinking that it’s a little bit too much for your tastes. Worry not, there are indeed wacky and extravagant lights from this theme, but there are some toned down ones that are loyal to the soul of the Steampunk trend. It’s safe to say that no matter the environment, Steampunk can be incorporated.

The Lighting Company The Lighting Book  ARVIN 3 light pendant bar in antique chrome with clear glass shades

There are many simpler and more toned down steam punk lights whilst retaining the high quality and craftsmanship allowing them to fit into any home, these can be as plain and simple as a nautical light or cage lantern. This goes for all style lights from table lamps and floor lamps to wall lights and chandeliers.

Monaghan Lighting  SAN JOSE modern industrial style 8 light chandelier in antique brass by The Lighting Company

Which rooms are best suited to Steampunk? Any room can be redesigned in Steampunk, however bathrooms, dining rooms and kitchens relish in it. It’s easy to see why when the trend very often shows pipework.

The Lighting Company Hinkley Lighting  QUENTIN 6 light isle chandelier in Buckeye bronze finish

Given its nautical appearance it’s also easy to incorporate on the exterior of the house. Bulkheads and lanterns are great examples.

The Lighting Company Admiral by The David Hunt Lighting Collection

Don’t forget to use vintage bulbs with Steampunk style lights, it really does complete the effect! It would be a shame to let a standard or modernized bulb break the immersion.

The Lighting CompanyFeiss  URBAN RENEWAL industrial style bronze mini ceiling pendant light

If you’re lucky enough to have the room to accommodate a large Steampunk light then something along these lines would be great in a long drop stairwell!

Monaghan Lighting  TOKYO sputnik chandelier in antique brass by The Lighting Company

This would be an ideal feature light in this setting and would be the focal point of the room. Think over table or long drop stairwell. There are plenty of unique Steampunk designs each giving an equal impact. Find something that appeals to you and fits the purpose. Browse through our entire collection of Steampunk inspired lighting here! Steampunk Lighting.

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