Get Winter Worthy!

Winter is coming…

We’re now well and truly into the season of dark nights, it seems a long time since we had sunny days.

That dreaded Sunday 25th October was the end of BRITISH SUMMER TIME. Ok so let’s forget the afore mentioned word “summer”.

William Willett was the instigator for the idea of turning the clocks back, all the way back in 1907. The main reason for his suggestion stemmed from a friendly game of golf. He loved his hobby so much that it became increasingly frustrating, rushing to finish his beloved game before dark!

However it was only a suggestion and his idea was not implemented until 1916 to fall in line with the Germans whilst at war.

In 1940, during WW2, the clocks were not turned back in October so as to allow productivity in the war industries. It then gave workers a chance to get home before all the lights had to be turned off for the blackouts.

There are many arguments for and against abolishing the clock change altogether. All we know at The Lighting Company is that you should embrace Winter – be welcomed home by the cheerful glow of a Tiffany lamp, snuggle up under a warm blanket, read a good book and be individually enlightened by a table or standard lamp!

Here are some top tips to lighting your home in those cold and dark winter months.

Add some warmth! – Warm white colour temperature bulbs will give a warm and homely glow. Avoid the harshness of cool white colour light bulbs and opt for something more mellow. You may not know all light bulbs have a colour rating too called kelvins which range from very cool to warm colours. Look for something around 3000k which is a lovely colour and creates a cosy warmth that’s hard to beat during the darker Winter months.

Rich colours – Consider the use of reds, oranges, yellows and deep greens. Lamps with Tiffany shades are revered for this and are sure to add a delightful glow to your living space.

Rustic additions – If you’re lucky enough to have a period style property then a rustic table lamp or floor lamp addition are a great way of providing a cosy cabin retreat feel. Think of materials such as wood and antler as well as candle effects. If you don’t think rustic quite fits into your scheme then worry not, there are many modernized ways to get the glow you’re missing. There are many contemporary styles which implement the wooden look, however if this isn’t in your favour there are many other designs ranging from metallic to fabric!

Pelmet lighting – Adding accent lighting can really give off a warmth and sense of depth, whether it’s fit under cupboards or in inset ceiling coving it’s a great way of providing the room with additional subtle light.

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