Sustainable Lighting | Bamboo, Rattan and Woven Naturals

How can sustainable lighting improve your home experience?

Sustainability is becoming more and more important when it comes to interior decor. When deciding what light to fit in your home, it is important to make sure it suits your ethical stance and eco-friendly personality without compromising style. Sustainable lighting might be the the theme you have been searching for.

rattan and bamboo lighting

Home lighting is always changing. We are constantly looking at new and exciting lighting trends – analysing how we view our homes and how we can improve our home living environment. It is important to update your home decor as you evolve – allowing your home to reflect your forever changing personality and values. 

As a nation, we are becoming more conscious with what we buy and where we buy it from. It is important to consider furniture and lighting made from natural materials to help improve your environmental impact. 

Rattan and Wicker Lighting

What’s the difference between rattan and wicker?

Well, rattan is actually a material whereas wicker is a style of weave, typically made with natural materials. Both are commonly used to describe furniture and dining ware and are continuing to grow in popularity despite being around for centuries. 

rattan ceiling light

Rattan is viewed as a luxury material for outdoor furniture due to its durability and stylish natural aesthetic. So why has rattan began making its way inside? Well, bringing the outdoors inside is a hot topic. With faux flowers and indoor trees creeping into homes around the UK, it was inevitable that nature inspired furniture and sustainable lighting would follow. 

Here at The Lighting Company, we are excited to stock a vast range of wicker and rattan lighting products to help you achieve your new home look. Whether you are conscious of the environment and want to mirror your eco-friendly lifestyle into your home, or you simply enjoy the thought of a natural lighting design scheme, we are sure that a rattan or wicker light will suit you. 

Add rattan lighting to your home without an electrician.

We know how important it is to update our homes regularly. We take inspiration from what we see online, in magazines and on the television. This inspiration drives us to improve and test new design schemes. But most of the time, a complete home make-over can be expensive and time consuming. One fantastic way to update your home in a quick and easy way is to add an easy-fit rattan ceiling shade to an existing ceiling suspension.

rattan ceiling light shade

A rattan or woven natural ceiling shade can completely alter the look of any room – adding texture and style. With a wide variety to choose from, there are many different styles you can accomplish with a new rattan ceiling light shade. A small woven shade can create a minimalist look that will add a subtle but bold statement. A collection of large rattan shades can create a spectacular feature in hallways and dining areas. The possibilities are endless and it has never been easier to add eco-friendly lighting to your home.

Bamboo Lighting

The bamboo culture making its way into our homes

Inspiration from culture has been the bedrock of many interior design schemes throughout the years. With every new trend, a range of lighting must be used to bring the entire look together. We turn our heads to Bamboo – a pliant and sustainable plant that is much more than a material. Simply put, bamboo is a symbol of culture and history in oriental countries – a representation of strength and virtue. 

bamboo lighting

Not only is bamboo symbolic in so many ways, it also makes a great fashion statement in the modern home. Bamboo lighting has seen a significant rise in popularity, introducing an organic display in contemporary spaces. So what can a bamboo light fitting do to your home?

Benefits of bamboo lighting

As a community, we are building a better understanding of mindfulness and wellbeing. The majority of us need our home to provide a calming space to unwind and relax. A bamboo table lamp on a living room side table can be used to create a warm glow in the evenings. A calming take on meditation, adding a piece of nature into your home.

bamboo table lamp

A bamboo ceiling pendant is the perfect option when considering a nature inspired home. The organic brown finish helps bring out the colour of plants and flowers to create a jungle-like display. A calming element that is typically designed with wide gaps to emphasise the bamboo structure – creating a lovely display of light and shadow. Bamboo ceiling pendants come in a range of shapes and sizes for any home. A wide dome bamboo ceiling light can enhance an oriental theme. A small cone bamboo light can offer a contemporary and rustic style.

benefits of bamboo lighting

How to make the perfect eco-friendly home

Bamboo lamps, rattan ceiling pendants and wicker furniture can all add to the overall theme of an eco-friendly home – but they are not the only options. Natural materials such as jute and seagrass are also commonly used in light shades. Seagrass light shades are durable and typically resistant to tears, making it a brilliant option for your new eco-friendly home.

sustainable lighting

The ambiance in your home should reflect your desired mood at all times, so why not pair your sustainable light fitting with a dimmable LED bulb? LED bulbs are a fantastic alternative to halogen bulbs – offering energy saving benefits.

Recycled materials such as cardboard and paper can also be used to create furniture in your new eco-friendly interior scheme. A cardboard ceiling pendant would be a great addition to your living room or dining area for a laid back display.

There are many other sustainable lighting options available at The Lighting Company. So why not check out all of our lights made from sustainable materials page to get you started!

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