Top Lighting Trends (Part 4) – Vintage

Vintage Lighting

The vintage style is known for its traditional and characteristic look, quite often with a quirky and playful take on the more traditional style. This has become a highly sought after trend which is likely to grace our homes for years to come. Vintage style fittings are perfect for the ‘cottage’ look and normally showcase painted metals and stripped or fabric shades. These fittings should be partnered with a vintage filament style bulb to complete the look!

If you own a period property or small cottage then you’re in luck because this trend will flourish both inside and out of it! Giving your home a vintage decor is easily done and picking up some suitable furnishings is simple, particularly if you attend a boot sale or flea market. You may even be lucky yourself and find a hidden gem up in that loft! Or be handed down something from a relative, sure it may need a scrub up or lick of paint but its going to really settle in well with the look you’ll achieve. Old refurbished items can work really well in this trend, however, some are more important in the aspect of safety to ensure they are suitable for use. In this case we refer to the lighting, you wont want to break the trend look by having a modern fitting so choosing the right lights is important. We would always advise buying new lights and not consider anything second hand on this occasion. Fear not, you don’t have to compromise as there are many vintage fittings available and they’re all new! There’s a vintage style for every type of light, from table lamps to ceiling pendants. Vintage lights usually use standard incandescent bulbs so typically you will get a warm glow from them, this is perfectly in keeping with the style and compliments period homes. Lanterns and factory style pendants are also good examples of fittings within the vintage trend, these are ideal for kitchens and dining rooms.

Davey Lighting RISE & Fall School Light Polished Copper

Keep things traditional, if it looks too contemporary then it probably is! The fittings may look old but they do their job perfectly, both in the output of light and the aesthetics they provide. Don’t worry, opting into this trend will not give you the look that you’re “out of date with the times” in fact it will do quite the opposite. It’s about going back to go forward! The vintage look really holds a traditional class and a sense of high quality that will bring your period home to life. A pendant such as the Vintage Cluster would be perfect for lighting over a dining room table, the patterned fabric shade is iconic of the vintage style.

Eclectic CLUSTER Colourful Ceiling Pendant (9 Light)

Wall lights are a great way to add an ambient cosy feel to your home and the vintage theme allows to you mix and match styles to great effect. Vintage wall lights are used successfully in the lounge and bedroom which a great place to start with showcasing this trend as these rooms welcome warmth and often suit the warmer tones that vintage lights can feature. Kitchens and dining rooms can incorporate the vintage look by using painted metallic pendants, these are perfect for these rooms as they are functional and well suited to the purpose of lighting surfaces as well as staying within the trend. A wide selection of vintage pendants awaits you, so you’re sure to find the perfect match.

Vintage Collection CAGE rustic ceiling pendant light in patina brown finish

The Lighting Collection EMPIRE industrial vintage style black and antique brass ceiling pendant

Vintage Lighting QUENTIN

Any room can benefit from the vintage style and so can the exterior! Lanterns come in many styles within the vintage trend and offer IP protected ones safe for outdoor lighting. Nothing suits a period home more than a vintage wall lantern to light the entrance. So feel free to browse through our large collection of vintage outdoor lights too. It’s also a great way of allowing you to make a first impression. Have you implemented this trend? Let us see the results! Feel free to send us a picture of your vintage theme.

The Lighting Book DOYLE double insulated black gold garden wall lantern

Somerset Lighting WINSFORD Multi Coloured Square Outdoor Wall Lantern

LYNDON Exterior Lights

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