Smukke – Lighting Jewels for Your Home

The Danish have had an impressive impact on both interior and lighting designs over recent years. We’ve seen the iconic Scandinavian style, re-imagined at intervals to keep it looking relevant and fresh. We’ve experienced Hygge, adopting a ‘kind’ approach to our lifestyle and more recently Lagom, the art of achieving a balanced look. The latest word on our lips is Smukke and in our opinion, it’s the jewel in the crown. The pronunciation of Smukke sounds a bit like ‘smoky’ with its closest translation into English is ‘gorgeous’; it is often also used as a term of endearment to loved ones, but we’re far more interested in Smukke when it is used to describe the more glamorous and opulent of Danish designs.

Adding something truly gorgeous to our interior designs is something that we’ve done throughout history and continue to do so, displaying their own characteristic embellishments proudly for all to see. William Morris (a leading light in the arts and crafts movement) said “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”. We agree, as lighting is both beautiful and useful.

If you’re making your home gorgeous in your quest to find perfect items to jewel your homes; think lighting. Lights stand alone in splendid glory on our ceilings, they grace our walls and furniture and by their very own nature, they disperse the beauty of light around our homes.

So, how can you bejewel your home? Cohering to the Smukke principles, it’s all about choosing what you think is gorgeous. Don’t settle for second best; Lighting is an investment that it worth getting right – it will be there for years (or until you fall out of love with it!).

Kichler Crystal Sky 42194CH Dining

We’re not here to preach you on your own personal tastes, but as lighting lovers, we thought we’d walk you through some of the key decisions that help you find the perfect light that little bit easier.


Boring as it may be, you must ensure that your lights are the right scale for your room. If you have a huge room, a single slim and sleek ceiling pendant will just be lost. Equally, if you have a room that is lacking in a bit of space, a huge ceiling light will engulf your room, making it seem even smaller than it really is… So, take the time to measure; it’s not exciting, but I bet it beats wrapping the wrong light back up, queuing to send it back and going through the rigmarole of replacement lights or refunds.

Here at The Lighting Company, we pride ourselves on helping our customers find the perfect light, so we have put together an easy-to-use guide to help you ascertain what size ceiling light you need. There will be caveats to the rule of thumb guide, e.g.

  • If your room is not a standard square/rectangle – you may need to have more than one light to ensure an even distribution of illumination.
  • For larger rooms, it would be best to use two lights – if you need to do this, choose lights that are approximately half of the recommended diameter and position each around a third of the way in to the room from each end.
  • Personal preference – if you’re striving for a statement light, by all means do go bigger, but try and stay within an approximate 10-15% of the recommended size to ensure it’s not too big!


Once you have the size of your ceiling light decided, you can then start to plan your complimenting lights, such as wall lights and table and floor lamps. Ensure that you have a light nearby for tasks carried out in the room and then we can get to the fun bit – choosing our favourite designs!

Selecting lights in line with Smukke needs a similar approach to choosing jewellery for a glamorous outfit – they really finish off the effect and highlight that you have taken time, care and consideration.

The Whitney range is a glamorous range of lights that would accent many styles and colours. Intricate and dripping with beads with a luxury organza shades. They would work well in traditional or modern settings thanks to the neutral shades and the elegant silver finish which adds a contemporary edge to a more traditional design. A stunning example of symmetry, balance and poise, these are gems that are sure to grace your room.






If you have a cosy property with lower ceilings, don’t despair! You can still have a jewel inspired ceiling light with a shorter drop. One of our favourites is the is the Ruby flush chandelier, which only drops 30cm from the ceiling.


If 30cm is still too much, the Pluto chandelier for low ceilings could be perfect for you as it only drops 22 cm from the ceiling.


For those who are looking to treat their homes to a once-in-a-lifetime show stopping light, you can’t do any better than our Diyas range. Designed to be long desired lights and antiques for the future, they replicate the quality and style that make today’s antiques stand out from the crowd. Not satisfied with a ‘finish’ applied to the metalwork, the gold finish is actually gold plated! The crystals are 30% Egyptian lead crystals that cascade elegantly in droplets and spheres. Complementing table lamps are also available to complete the look – what on earth could look more glamorous?




Perhaps you are after something a little more contemporary? We love the look of the Linea Verdace X-Light; the lights nestle in the ceiling plate which allows the light to sparkle from the crystal bubbles suspended beneath. Whimsical and reminiscent of happy, relaxed childhood days, this is perfect in modern rooms. Its decadence without frills is sure to enrapture and delight any room.


Continuing along the contemporary theme, if we had a light that changed colour every time we looked at it, keeping our interest and focus fresh, we’d never stop glancing admiringly in its direction. Well, it’s here! The Asteroid petrol glass ceiling pendant has an iridescent coating that it so on-trend alone, yet this is teamed with the sought after geometric styling making this a perfect pop of all things trending, slap bang into your home! It has a matching table lamp too, so that’s the task light bit ticked too – what’s not to love?!

Asteroid Petrol Cluster_HR

ASTEROID Petrol_shade only_colours (3)_HR

The team here at The Lighting Company are here and ready to assist your search for the perfect light. If you’re looking to embellish your home with lighting gems, we’re the perfect choice for your purchase. Enjoy!

Kendra Chandelier

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