Trend Alert: Curated Lighting

We are showcasing the curated lighting trend. Curated used to be a word only associated with museums, but we are seeing it crop up as a trend. Today we look at what curated lighting is and show you a wide variety of lights for you to choose from to craft this look.

Your Treasures Are Like Pockets of Memories

Handpicked and treasured finds, regardless whether they hail from distances near or far. Like you, each home is unique. Curated lighting tells a story of your personal experiences. Selecting, organising and curating your own personal interior look is not far from reach.

The word “curator” is said to come from the root word curare, meaning to take care of in Latin (Macmillan Dictionary).

A curated lighting look has a distinct style. Think exposed bulbs, framed in various metals, woods and finishes with clear glass panelling or negative space. There are so many options for you to choose from.

The Victorians were big fans of curated looks, they enjoyed keeping cherished items behind glass and their homes resembled an exhibition.

The Arvin

The Arvin 3 light pendant bar (pictured above)is a simple industrial style pendant bar with 3 downward facing light shades in an antique chrome finish. Arvin is also available as a wall light or singular ceiling pendant, for smaller rooms, so you can create a cohesive lighting look.


Or, instead of a chrome finish. You could go with wood?

An Admiration for Antique

The Apsen rustic style ceiling pendant bar, a trio of lights with clear, triangular tapered shades. Suspended from an attractive chain, made with an antique metallic finish which is echoed on the lamp holders. 

Clear glass allows plenty of light to emanate around the room and makes for particularly stylish over table lighting.

Suspended from antique brass finish metalwork chain and lamp holders. Offering spaces vintage appeal. As with all lighting made by David Hunt Lighting it inspires us of the natural beauty of outside and exudes quality an luxury in every detail.


Opulent Gold and Cream

Here the Pagoda ceiling pendant light in a classic lantern shape offers a distinct, exotic style to spaces. A crackle gold and cream frame with tropical leaf top detail surrounds 4 candelabra style light fittings. A stylish leaf carved detail is echoed on the lamp holders, pictured here with candle tip style bulbs. Instead of glass panels, here the negative space is part of the design. It won’t need cleaning as the space acts as an illusive panel.

Though made with sturdy materials it has the appearance of lightweight bamboo, which will add touches of the orient to your space. The creamy gold distressed finish adds an opulent colour accent, which makes a room more luxurious to be in and works well with many colour schemes. Picture this, where would this fit in your home?

Hexagonal Symmetry

The Hex large 3 light pendant features a crossed hexagon shape at the top leading to a larger hexagon open base with weathered brass finish and beautifully clear glass panels. Inside is three lamp holders and light fittings.  The weathered brass finish runs cohesively throughout the deign on the ceiling chain and small hook ceiling rose. Here, the hex encapsulates two styles, curated and geometric lighting. The hexagon is one of the sturdiest shapes in nature and is so pleasing on the eye. Hexagon symmetry makes this light distinctive and architecturally mesmeric.  

The Box table lamp is made in a classic curated style, with black metal frames and clear flat glass panels. The front panel can be opened with a decorative little hook on the door and you can keep the look fresh by changing the style of the bulbs, which have become a style in their own right. A smart appearance which will stand out against interiors in a striking black.

Gather Together Around the Table

The Charm of Times Gone By

Bring a curated style into your home with the Larkin ceiling light with cubic frame in a lantern shape with curved details to the top section, finished in brushed nickel, a matt look. A satisfying box shape design, inclusive of space and 3 candelabra style light fittings in the centre suspended by a chain cable. A focal point for vintage, curated kitchens and for lighting stylish dining room tables. Bringing history and tradition in with candelabra central light fittings, originally made with candles, into modernity, whilst retaining the charm of times gone by.

We have small and medium sizes of the Larkin and the option of an aged bronze finish, which has hints of Gothic, medieval style. What a difference a finish makes!

Or are you looking for a more modern look? Then the Harrow ceiling pendant could be for you?


Contemporary and Bright Social Spaces

It’s got a more contemporary chrome finish and curved shade with smooth, circular lines. Clear glass lets light through effectively, while it is made from seeded glass. As a result this softens the light and gives a slightly bubbly or wavy appearance too. Here you can see how two work well together for over kitchen island lighting. Add a lovely light sparkle with the polished chrome finish which brightens up social spaces.

So, What was your favourite?

We hope you have enjoyed reading about curated lighting and feel inspired to introduce some of your personal favourite’s seen here in your homes or hospitality venues. Get the curated style lighting look with The Lighting Company today.

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