Which Lights are the best ceiling lights?

Make sure you don’t make a mistake when you light your home. The Lighting Company explains which lights are best and why.

When you are considering replacing your old light with a new light fitting, you’ll need to consider which style suits your home best. The lighting company aim to help you understand which style, type and function of lamps suits best in every room of the home. The range of ceiling lights is diverse, an extensive range not only affords a great deal of choice but also is needed as functionality of lights vary as much as styles do. The light you choose for a living room will have different functions to that required of bathroom lights.

Types of Lights

Broadly, ceiling fixtures the fall into three categories, flush, semi flush and hanging lamps, yet fashions of the day play with the forms to reflect the changing interior tastes and trends.

Flush Lighting

Flush Ceiling Lights mount flat onto the ceiling and are perfect for rooms that have limited ceiling height. Flush lights are also unobtrusive, and one of the most common types of lights found in many UK homes. Deemed more practical for hallways, bathrooms and rooms where the light is needed for …. light! Rather than required for decorative effect. Can I say this? Flush lights are seen as a bit boring to look at. They don’t have to be boring check out the latest looks for flush ceiling lights that won’t leave you feeling flat. Lights for low ceilings, that flatter ceilings.

10 of the best flush lights

OSLO polished chrome and ivory silk pleated flush ceiling light
CIVIC modern chrome and opal flush ceiling light
FARGO Tiffany Art Deco style flush ceiling light
BARCLAY antique brass and opal flush ceiling light
PAOLO large flush silk ceiling light in black
PEMBROKE classic period flush ceiling light
PLANTATION small antique nickel traditional flush ceiling light
RAWLEY modern chrome flush fit ceiling light
COLBY patterned flush ceiling light
PHOENIX flush ceiling light in cream finish

Semi Flush Lighting

Semi flush ceiling lights have a central boss or project a small amount from the ceiling. These styles are great in most rooms of the home, bringing a slightly more decorative appeal.

10 of the best semi flush lights

LUTHER chrome and crystal semi flush ceiling light
SEATTLE antique brass semi flush ceiling light
PENN STATION vintage industrial semi flush ceiling light
BOSTON antique brass semi flush ceiling light
ELKA 5 light semi flush ceiling light
YASMIN semi flush chrome ceiling light
KELHAM HALL semi flush ceiling light
DUANA 3 light semi flush ceiling light
ZEKE 9 light semi flush ceiling light in chrome
ANDRE semi flush ceiling light in aged brass

Hanging Lights

Often lights that hang down on chains are called chandeliers when they have a branched effect. Multiple bulbs on one fixture but again there are many different chandeliers, from traditional crystal styles to ultra-modern ceiling lamps. And of course, there are pendant lights which fall into the hanging lamp category! All hanging light fixtures are designed for higher ceiling heights as they are longer. Whilst all hanging lights can be shortened to fit the height available, they do dangle which is perfect for taller rooms they are not ideal for many modern homes with lower ceilings.

10 of the best hanging lights

RAY vintage antique brass ceiling pendant light
CONE contemporary pendant in black with wooden detail
SIREN clear glass and copper ceiling pendant
GAUCHO white and wood ceiling pendant
CAFE copper finish ceiling pendant
YURT polished chrome ceiling pendant
SPECKLE glass globe dappled copper ceiling pendant
VALENTINA 4 light chandelier in bronze finish
FLEMISH aged bronze 5 light chandelier
RAPHAEL champagne glass 8 light chandelier

The appeal of hanging lights is difficult to resist for most of us and this has led to us finding novel ways to install lights. Hanging a light above a table is common practice but we’re now seeing hanging lights featured in corners of rooms and as suspended bedside lamps.

Which type of light is best for each room?

There are many answers to this question, no single answers here I’m afraid. To get the best effect in each room of the home use multiple light sources. Let’s give you an example of a kitchen. In the kitchen you may have a light in the centre of the room, a hanging light above a table or island and further lights below cabinets. We call this layering light, there are 3 layers of lighting, general, task lighting and mood lighting. In the example given of the kitchen lighting the central light is a general form of light, under cabinet lights are task lights, they provide light where needed for the task in hand. Lastly, we have mood lighting, this can be the over table light and brings an ambience for eating. Incidentally it is also a task lamp if you are reading at the kitchen table.

The ceiling height will dictate which type of light you choose.

Under 7ft ceiling you can opt for flush ceiling lights.

7ft -8ft ceilings you may be able to fit some semi flush lights, but always check the height of the light fitting before buying a light to ensure you have enough clearance for all your family to walk below. As a rule of thumb picture someone taking off a pullover below a light. If there isn’t space enough for flailing elbows opt for flush lights instead.

8ft and above ceiling you can have hanging lights but again you will always need to check the height as hanging lights can be small or very tall. Remember if your light is 2ft tall and your ceiling if 8ft you’ll just be leaving 6ft clearance.

Exceptionally high ceilings may require specially made lights or customised lengths. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can simply add a bit of cable and chain you can’t. You’ll be risking making the light unsafe. Instead look for lights that can be customised for your ceiling height.

10 of the best lights for very high ceilings

ROWAN smokey grey glass pendant light
STRAP contemporary black and leather pendant light
HYDE 18 light chandelier in white and brass
ORB black gyroscope pendant light
ANTLER stag ceiling pendant light
SHARD copper 5 light ceiling pendant
LACEY 5 light chandelier in bronze
PIPER 18 light glass bead chandelier
OPERA 18 light butter brass chandelier
HICKS 8 light antique brass pendant light

Bathrooms require specialist lighting which offers protection against water ingress. No one wants lights that are unsafe to be used near water. Any light is suited to kitchen use as the likely hood of splashing water reaching the light is not as great as that of the bathroom. Not only do children splash about in the bathtub but there is also jets of water from the shower to contend with.

10 of the best bathroom ceiling lights

OPAL DOME small flush bathroom ceiling light
DOVER flush bathroom ceiling light in chrome
FRINGE chrome and crystal glass bathroom ceiling light
EDANNA 4 light semi flush bathroom ceiling light
ELBA chrome 5 light semi flush bathroom ceiling light
ORORA white LED bathroom ceiling light
CADEN semi flush bathroom ceiling light
STORM LED chrome bathroom ceiling spotlight cluster
BRESNA crystal droplet recessed bathroom down light
ANNALEE 3 light bathroom chandelier

Things are hotting up!

Okay you know what styles and heights of lights to go for, but do you want that hot or cold? Confused? no I’m not talking about hot or cold milk in your coffee, lights have temperatures too! The temperature of lighting refers to colour. Otherwise known as kelvins – OK you are forgiven for being confused now. White lights, yellow light or blue light, and how do you know what’s right? Here’s a great little video that will explain and entertain all there is to know about colour temperature, where to heat it up and when to play it cool.

What is the most popular colour for light fittings?

Trending colours right now are copper, white and grey for light fittings but don’t be fooled into thinking that is all there is, gold has seen a huge resurgence, particularly in the ultra-modern lighting styles. We have also noted a shift back to black. Black wire frames and pendant lights being the most impactful and modern. If you would like to keep up to date with lighting styles trends and finishes sign up to the latest newsletters. We do not share your information and you can opt out when you wish, but well worth being in the know. Especially if you are planning to update your lights in the future as trends change and you’ll no doubt want to stay up to date with the latest new lighting.

Which ceiling lights are trendy?

I mentioned earlier variations within types. Some lights are traditional, and some are fashions of the day. Choose what you love, here you can use your sense of style and bring your creativity to play. I won’t go through every trend, but it is a cornucopia, we have shortlisted the best of the trends for your consideration. Lighting Company has a staggering 39 lighting trends to consider. Industrial styles to showstoppers, the choice is immense.

Go your own way.

In addition to the styles, colours and types of ceiling fitments, how they are fitted can vary to. Particularly true of pendant lights. Who said ceiling pendant lights need to be fitted on the ceiling? We are seeing pendant lights fitted vertically too! Fitting a pendant light to a wall and hooking up to the ceiling may well have been a trend that developed out of necessity, but it has rather caught on.

Is it easy to replace a ceiling light fitting?

Yes, although it largely depends on if this is a like for like replacement or adding an additional light. Normally, a straightforward replacement of an existing light can often be as easy as wiring a plug, yet complications can arise. We’d only suggest attempting this if you understand the basic premise of electrical safety.

There are a host of tutorials to be found on video streaming websites to help but do keep in mind the instructors are trained electricians and they ensure the safety regulations are met. They may appear casual, but why wouldn’t they! they work with electrics every day and have trained for many years.

If, however the light is an additional light, things are much more complicated. In the UK light fixtures have harmonised cable colours, which means the inner cables are the same as the rest of Europe. This does not always mean the regulations for installing lights are the same as other countries. Whilst it is possible to replace a light yourself if you have the skills and electrical knowledge to do so safely, why risk it? It’s relatively inexpensive to have a light installed. It’s possibly about half an hour’s work, as electricians normally charges by the hour why not get a couple of new lights and make the most of the expertise and time you’re paying for.

Installing a light in a rented property

If you rent and you don’t want to or can’t replace the light fitting you may be able to buy a new lampshade, often described as easy fit or none electrical as they don’t need an electrician to fit them. Check out the guide to making a rented home your own. ‘Gentle rental’ is an interior design blog article specifically for those wishing to make a rented home feel like home instantly. It’s an enlightening read:

As always should you require specific help before buying a light from us here at The Lighting Company please contact us -we are happy to help.

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