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  1. Ask yourself how much light you'll need in the room. Consult our lumen calculation grid for assistance.
  2. Find the available fixing points on the ceiling and walls.
  3. Ambient and task lighting should be considered.
  4. Avoid recessed spot lights if it's likely they'll protrude into your insulation.
  5. Plan to add lamps to dark areas (may occur at the highest point of the slope)
  6. Choose lights that hang straight, avoid clusters as these could end up looking askew.
  7. Always mount pendant bars horizontally, not following the incline.
  8. Using the existing joinery and beams in the room when possible would create a customised look.
  9. Keep to your style, it maintains a cohesive look.
  10. Adjustable lights ensure your lighting can adapt to each situation, consider these conformable fittings.
  11. If you have tall walls then make them a feature piece and illuminate them with wall and picture lighting.



For more information on how to light a pitched ceiling check out our blog on how to light a sloping ceiling.

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