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Ceiling Lights:


Down lights are becoming very popular and when installed in a room can help to create an uncluttered look with a feeling of space. The fitting is largely out of sight as it is hidden in or above the ceiling. The only part on show is the decorative rim with the bulb in the middle. They are especially popular in kitchens and bathrooms as they give a modern sleek appearance to a room. The current trend is to put recessed down lights in other rooms as well - contemporary sitting rooms, bedrooms and hallways all look good with recessed down lights. When selected carefully and in the correct numbers they give an even shadow free light.

They come in many finishes including white, chrome, satin chrome, satin nickel, polished brass, antique brass and satin brass. Usually down lights have a pressed steel or cast aluminium lamp holder with a decorative rim that is held into the ceiling using spring clips or compression clips.

There are 2 basic down lights available- fixed or adjustable.

Fixed down lights - these are the basic down lights which have a fixed centre. The bulb is fixed into the lamp holder and held in place by a spring clip or a twist and lock mechanism. The twist lock mechanism is normally used in higher quality cast aluminium fittings where the front has a removable section that twists and locks holding the bulb in place.

Adjustable down lights - these are constructed in the same way as the fixed down lights but the main difference is that the centre of the fitting can be tilted allowing some adjustment of the spotlight beam. These can be useful of you want to direct the light at an angle towards a kitchen worktop or sink.



Down lights can be expensive to run, so make sure that you know how much power they will use before embarking on putting down lights in every room. Remember it is the watts that count and not the volts.

If you are building a new property or renovating an existing one there will be various rules and regulations that you must comply with. Regulations cover all manner of things from sound insulation (how far sound travels through a down light), draft proofing, fire rating (how long they will prevent a fire spreading to the room above), how much space is needed around and above the fitting in the void or ceiling above, as well as how efficient they are (how much light is produced from the power used). Your local council will be able to advise you on the regulations that apply in your area.

Although it is probably stating the obvious, you will need to cut holes into your ceiling in order to install down lights, so you need to be sure this is the way you want to go. If you decide you do not like them afterwards, you will be left with lots of holes in your ceiling which will be difficult to disguise.  To view The Lighting Company's recessed ceiling lights just click




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