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The main advantage of LED lighting is undoubtedly the reduced power consumption. With all the Government bans and efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, LED bulbs tick all the boxes. The efficiency of the newer LED light bulbs is more that 5-6 times higher than standard incandescent bulbs which, put another way, means that LED bulbs use only about 1/6th of the energy to produce the same amount of light. Because LED bulbs direct most of their light where it is needed they can be up to 10 times as effective in many instances, thus reducing energy use by up to 90%. LED bulbs are not only highly efficient but last considerably longer than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. The operational life of LED bulbs can vary from 40.000 up to 100.000 hours. Even at 40,000 hours this is 4.5 years of continuous operation which under average usage means these bulbs will last over 10years. Compared to a halogen spotlight bulb, LED spots last up to 24 times longer. LED bulbs do not burn out like other bulbs they just gradually decrease in light output.  The lifespan is based on time it takes for the bulb to fall to 70% of its original output although of course the bulb will still continue to function after this. LED light bulbs are eco-friendly. They contain no harmful mercury, do not emit any CO2 and can be recycled without harming the environment. They do not produce damaging UV radiation. Because LED bulbs approach 90% efficiency i.e. 90% of the energy is converted to light and only 10% is lost as heat energy, they are cool to touch. Compare this to an incandescent bulb where 80% of the electrical energy is lost as heat, making these bulbs very hot to the touch. Finally LED bulbs come on at full intensity, perform well when frequently switched on and off, can be used with a dimmer switch and there is no “buzzing” or “flickering”.



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