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With the addition of a picture light you can create an extra focal point and a little added drama and atmosphere to your room as well as giving your picture the attention it deserves. There is little point in having a picture that you cannot see and adding a picture light will bring out the detail and beauty of your picture. Picture lights can also be used to great effect over a mirror or to highlight other special objects in a room. Picture lights are not suitable for using in bathrooms - if you are looking for mirror lights for over a bathroom mirror please select from our bathroom lighting ranges.

Lighting pictures is not an exact science but these general rules may help you make the correct choice. A basic rule of thumb is to position pictures on the wall with the centre at eye level - about 5' from floor level and to position the picture light centrally above the picture. Most picture lights have adjustable heads that can be swivelled to direct the light correctly onto the picture below. 

Landscape format pictures - choose a picture light that is 1/2 to 1/3 the size of the picture not including the frame.

Portrait format pictures - select a picture light that is as close to 1/2 the width of the picture as is possible, not including the frame.

If your picture has a really wide frame you may need to choose a slightly different size to ensure the correct balance is maintained.



There are essentially 3 types of picture lights to choose from -

Incandescent - these use standard or conventional bulbs and are usually candle bulbs or the smaller pygmy bulbs (normally found in fridges or cookers). Picture lights with these bulbs give a warmish yellow light.

Halogen - halogen is a brighter, sharper and whiter light and undoubtedly provides the best light for viewing pictures. Halogen bulbs do get quite hot, so you may need to bear this in mind and position them to avoid damaging your picture.

LED - LED bulbs provide an extremely white light. They are cool to the touch and do not give off heat. The main benefit of LED's are that they are very low energy and have minimal running costs.

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