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LEDs can be used anywhere other forms of lighting are used and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They are best used where directional lighting is needed – spotlighting for bathrooms and kitchens, flood lights and track lighting, reading lights etc. They are also a good choice where lights will be left on for long periods e.g. shop window lighting, exterior garden lights etc. The long life of LED lights makes them a perfect choice where access for maintenance is difficult. Low level LED lights can be used for mood or accent lighting and are ideal for lighting plinths in kitchens, for insetting into stairs or for using under shelves. For outdoor use, LED lights can be recessed into decking, used around or inside swimming pools, for lighting drives or pathways or to highlight garden features. LEDs are available in a number of different colours. Warm white and cool white tend to be the most popular but there are blue, yellow green, red and colour changing options as well. Have a look the possibilities and be inspired; view our selection of LED bulbs.



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