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Ceiling Lights:


Before deciding where to place your down lights it is important is work out where the ceiling joists run. Once this has been established it will become clear where they can be placed. You are aiming for an even spread of light across the room and as a general guide the down lights should be between 90cms to 180cms apart in all directions. Exactly how far apart will depend on the room in question. Kitchens will need down lights closer together whilst those in hallways and bedrooms can be further apart. Try to keep down lights at least 80cms from a wall otherwise the light will run straight down the wall and show up any imperfections in the wall. If you are placing down lights over kitchen units they may need to be a little closer to the walls as most standard depth kitchen units are 60cms wide. In kitchens and other work areas try to position the down lights to ensure you are not working in a shadow - for example position over or to the side of your sink or desk rather than behind where you will be standing or sitting.



We would recommend that you plan carefully, making sure you are certain exactly where to position the down lights before you start cutting holes in your ceiling.

If you are planning to use LED down lights then you may need to have more down lights and position them closer together to offset the reduction in light output.



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