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The lighting Company have lighting collections made and designed in the UK. British lighting products are quality lighting for residential and business customers throughout the UK.  We have increased our offering of British Lighting manufacturing partners as we believe we should support the best of our UK Lighting manufacturers. We offer plenty of UK Lighting brands- we believe that we should support british manufacturing and give our UK customers a good selection of quality british made lighting. When we do people are delighted with the quality.

There is an amazing support for ‘buying British’ some people want to support British jobs or to limit the transportation of goods around the world where possible and reduce to cost to the environment but the majority, as with The lighting Company simply appreciate quality. We want the best quality at the best price for our customers. We are delighted to work with some of the best Artisan British Lighting Manufacturers in the world.

Wall light aged brass bracket and cream glass shade.

British Made Quality Lighting.


We’ve made changes to our website so that customers who prefer to ‘buy british’ can see at a glance which of the light fittings are British Made. You’ll find we have many lights that are UK lighting brands.

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We have lots of choice for indoor and outdoor Lights and we are proud to offer such a diverse range of British made UK lights. British Lighting made in the UK is excellent quality. Classic British style lighting has a greater flavour of the UK’s heritage and draws on a back catalogue of different era’s for inspiration. For that reason British lighting also suits UK architecture well too. British lighting or Lighting made in the UK can be made in styles suited to the Victorian,Edwardian, Georgian properties. Typically classic British lighting will have warm metals with depth and aged patina. Metal lights that have been waxed and polished by hand to give a subtle sheen. Quality lighting quality gives a homely feel. British Lighting is made from quality materials such as solid brass, often hand soldered and buffed to sparkling gold or a dulled verdigris finish. Verdigris lighting is the colour a copper light will become when weathered in our temperate UK climate, Verdigris exterior lights sit better in the vernacular, we feel. Take a look at verdigris exterior lighting and see if you agree. We have small niche manufactures who make unique lights. You’ll find these manufactures products listed on our Bespoke Lights website.

We at The Lighting Company constantly strive to find lighting that is the best value for our customers, where we cannot source the right quality at the right price within the UK we’ll buy from, Italy, Spain, Germany or our British partners who oversee production in China. This assures us the best lighting at the best price. We’ll always offer a diverse range of lighting and will continue to source the best lights from the rest of Europe and PRC too!

  • Our ranges are all cherry picked by our team of lighting buyers who’ll select lighting based on quality, value for money and design. We do all of the hard work making sure our lighting complies with all EU regulations so our customers can buy quality lighting with peace of mind we’ll make sure it’s the best. British lighting uses quality materials, many items are handmade and hand finished to very high standards. UK lighting manufacture affords us the chance to have some lights handmade to our customers own specification. You can buy British made lighting from The Lighting Company, some can be made with longer chains for rooms with higher ceilings, made in a choice of colours and sometimes even to our specification or yours.

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