Macro Trends of Lighting for the New Twenties

One of the items in our home that doesn’t get updated very often is lighting. When it is time to update your lighting what should you choose?

If you are looking to invest in a new light fitting what is the best style to buy? Getting your lighting just right when it’s time to replace the outdated ceiling fixture takes conscious consideration. Get the choice right and your new light fitting will be the pinnacle of pride in your room for decades.

We all want our homes to be on trend. Be that, a fresh take in a traditional period home or a feature in modern home, we don’t want to be old fashioned. So, what are the defining factors that shapes our choices? The fashions, the age of the home, practicality, the price?

All of the above. We all have a criteria, a tick list that hones choices based on practicality and price without much too deliberation, yet when it comes to styles this has us a little confused. What if we choose something that fashionable now but not next week?

How to choose a ceiling light that won’t date too quickly?

Ensure your next light fitting brightens your interior for years to come whilst still fresh and trendy today. To do this you’ll need to know is which trends are a flash in the pan and which are set to be iconic trends that shape the decade. Choosing a light that sits comfortably with numerous looks is key. That way when you change up the room you won’t need to change the lights too.

Lighting is inherently flexible. The chameleon of interior design, it’s a superpower we adore. One light fitting can work as an mid-century accent in a space yet look equally in keeping in a boho scheme. It has a longevity. Good lighting is to a room like a Rick Astley is to music. Lighting can reinvent itself and appeal all over again. Worth a little thought, especially given you’ll be living with the light for a decade or two. The light fitting that has you saying “ I ain’t never going to give you up” is the one you want. If you feel like this about your lighting you chose wisely.

What styles are on trend for home interiors?

At we’ve become masters of predicting what will be in vogue in the future. If your project or home makeover is planned for the future read on you need to be exploring future trends. All of our published trend predictions are now all the rage.

We predicted plenty in our 2020 vision, of course we have bias towards lighting trends. However the 2020 vision examined what interior styles would be relevant in the year 2020 and beyond.

You can explore the favoured styles here and see just how right we are!

Current lighting trends that are prevalent and relevant right now can be found here.

39 of the top interior lighting trends to explore.

Contact us. If you are stuck and just don’t know what suits your decor, why not speak us, we are happy to offer help.

What is the next big trend in lighting for 2021 through to 2030?

Trends can be minor or major often referred to as mini trends or macro trends. The description denotes the life expectancy of the trend rather than the popularity of it. Macro trends live longer.  Therefore opting for macro trends when choosing investment pieces for your home is recommended. These styles that have longevity. They are good all rounders that you can happily live with! 

Mini trends can be a nice quick fix if you like to chop and change your interiors often. Some rooms like teenagers bedrooms may not warrant investment lighting as they’ll grow out of the look quickly. Buy your lighting wisely, there are cheaper light fitting ranges made well; you don’t always have to splash the cash to be on trend.


Pure, honest and simple interior style that offers a much needed visual refreshment.

Clarity Lighting | lighting Company UK


Bridging gaps. The space in between holds opportunity. Parts hold each other together.

Connected; Lighting Trend


Weaving connections. We have an affinity, like threads of silk in a tapestry.

Kinfolk; Lighting Trend


This story can’t end. Imagine it new, chapters are still to be written.

Antiquarian; Lighting Trend


It’s twilight now. Everything is altered, seduction begins.

Twilight; Lighting Trend


The reflections of light made it beautiful. Imagination crystalised before my eyes.

Spellbound; Lighting Trend

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